RHONJ's Margaret Josephs isn't shocked Teresa Giudice used Jackie Goldschneider.
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Margaret Josephs ‘Not Shocked’ About Teresa Giudice Using Jackie Goldschneider

On Real Housewives of New Jersey’s June 23 episode, Jackie Goldschneider received a rude awakening. Teresa Giudice admitted to her costars that she used Jackie as a means to expose Margaret Josephs. But how did Margaret feel upon hearing Teresa’s confession?

As it turns out, Marge wasn’t all that surprised. Perhaps Tre became too predictable as filming went on. Teresa’s villain era might just be a little overdone at this point. At an earlier date, Marge said she would be vindicated in Season 14. Little did she know just how soon vindication would come her way.

So, with egg on Teresa’s face, and Jackie holding it together outwardly, how did Marge express her feelings after the reveal? Hear it from her directly down below.

Marge slams Jackie’s naivety: “You reap what you sow”

Margaret Josephs poses in a formal promo shot for Real Housewives of New Jersey.
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On July 2, In Touch reported that Margaret wasn’t surprised at all by Teresa’s actions. “I saw that coming. I can’t believe Jackie, being as smart as she is, didn’t see that coming but they’re really the same person and that’s what you get if that’s the kind of friendship you want,” Margaret said. She added, “You reap what you sow.”

When Teresa’s truth hit the air, Jackie acted rather unfazed. “It was the beginning of our relationship,” she shared in an Instagram comment. “I knew it was strategic at first.” Even though Jackie said just as much publicly, fans could only speculate on how she really felt. Either way, she shocked fans by choosing to ride for Teresa.

For her part, Tre walked back her statement at least somewhat. “I know in my heart, I did not mean to hurt her. And she knows that,” she shared. “With me and Jackie, that’s the thing. A friendship is a give and take. We both have to try with it, and we did.” She further described that the friendship “organically just happened.”

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