Memorable Real Housewives ‘Friends’ and Where They Are Now

Photo by: Ethan Miller/WireImage via Getty Images

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since Bravo took a few iconic Real Housewives ‘friends of’ away. To be fair, a few of these axed side pieces deserved it, while others simply left on their own accord. However, several ‘friends of’ nailed their guest spots. And yet, most are still gone with the wind fabulous.

So, who are my top six memorable side chicks? What are they all up to these days? Keep reading, because, unlike Gizelle Bryant’s stolen Tequila bottle, I’ve got these answers in my possession, and I’m pouring them all out for you now.

Dana Wilkey

Dana Wilkey is more than just a former ‘friend’ on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s also my most used GIF. I use Dana mainly when texting my friends about my very expensive purchases, such as last night’s el Taco Bell splurge on a Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco meal (say that five times fast). You see, in Season 2, Dana boasted about her gold python sunglasses, which cost her a mere $25,000.

Appearing on RHOBH via Taylor Armstrong, Dana also popped up as a guest during Seasons 1 and 3. Following Season 3, Dana made her exit, moving to London to star in another reality television series, Rich and Ditched. However, this show was kept in the shade of her sunglasses. Meaning, it never saw the light of day.

Around this time, Dana discovered that her then-finance had been cheating on her, while she was pregnant, so she moved to Miami to be closer to her parents. Here, Dana began using her Instagram account to her advantage. Taking off during the pandemic, Dana’s pop culture page currently has over 23k followers. Way to turn your ‘friend of’ status into a payday, Dana.

Tanya Sam

During Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11, NeNe Leakes introduced us to her friend, Tanya Sam. It didn’t take long for Tanya and Porsha Williams to strike up a friendship, but in Season 13, everything went to hell. While attending Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, Tanya was accused of engaging in a threesome. Her alleged partners were Porsha and the now infamous male stripper, Bolo.

Tanya immediately denied this rumor, and she quit filming on RHOA. Moving forward, Tanya began hosting a podcast called Money Moves, though it’s been almost 4 months since an episode dropped, so that’s likely DOA. However, Tanya is still very active online, where she now hosts “A modern virtual BookClub,” complete with “ultimate literary getaway” packages. Um, this is sending me, because books and trips are my love languages, so yassss, Tanya!

Eden Sassoon

Eden Sassoon was a ‘friend’ on RHOBH during Season 7. Due to her battles with addiction and loss, Eden was highly sensitive to the narratives surrounding Kim Richard’s similar struggles. Lisa Rinna knew this, and a picture was then painted, suggesting that Kim was “close to death.” Realizing that she might have been used as a pawn, Eden turned on Lisa, and promptly left the series.

Now, Eden’s turning her dark, painful past into a golden-hued gateway for others. To explain, Eden’s started a podcast, Taste of Recovery. Here, discussions on addiction, trauma, recovery, and everything in between take place. I see you, Eden, and I lend you my support in turn.

Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert’s ‘friend of’ status on Real Housewives of New York City Season 3 saw her putting together a skating party for Jill Zarin. She didn’t really aid in the storylines, but she at least had enough self-awareness to tell you this on her own. Post-filming, Jennifer made her exit, noting that she was a bit too normal for this franchise. Ramona Singer could never.

Wildly, in 2012, Jennifer released a book, titled “I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag.” In this, she horrifically revealed that a stranger had brutally attacked her when she was only 22. This assailant stabbed her with a screwdriver 37 times. Now we know why her co-stars’ fights never bothered her on RHONY, because woah, talk about real-life problems, amiright?

Still in possession of her event planning company, Save the Date, Jennifer’s main focus these days is on her family. She’s also a huge advocate for women’s rights and peace in the Middle East. Jennifer doesn’t shy away from her opinions online. Nor do her commenters.

Marisa Zanuck

Marisa Zanuck’s time spent as a ‘friend of’ the cast during RHOBH Season 3 was pretty short-lived. What made her the most memorable was how she treated her then-spouse, film producer Dean Zanuck. Marisa mentioned, several times, that Dean was not her type. Not shockingly, the pair divorced after she exited this series.

On-air, Marisa’s career as a successful real estate agent was also shown. Following filming, the Bravo worlds collided, as Marisa and Ryan Serhant teamed up to open their LA-based firm, Nest Seekers/Zanuck. Marisa is still a partner at this firm.

Demetria McKinney

Demetria McKinney rolled up on RHOA Season 7, and then she rolled right on back out. Overall, scripted roles fit her the best. Most known for her long-standing role as Janine on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, this is where Demetria met Roger Bobb, her now ex-fiancé. On-air, Roger didn’t fare well, as the ladies often accused him of cheating.

Demetria likely doesn’t care though, because she’s still out there, scoring roles left and right. Her most recent projects include two TV series, A House Divided, and The Winchesters. In addition, her latest film is God’s Grace: The Sheila Johnson Story. Here, she snagged the starring role of Sheila, a real-life hero who founded an advocacy group, aimed at supporting Black women and men with cancer.

Meanwhile, her former costars on RHOA just underwent a massive shakeup. Stay winning, Demetria.