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Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: No Regrets

It’s hard to believe, but season three of Temptation Island is almost over. Although I will miss watching the drama, I know I won’t miss Kendal Kirkland’s weekly escapades in trying to sleep with as many women as possible. And if anyone had no regrets regarding their behavior on the show, it was him. At least we had Tula Poindexter to call out Kendal on his BS!

In this week’s episode, the couples went on overnight dates with the singles. The big question that lingered was who was going to hook up with who? In typical Temptation Island fashion, the final dates were full of unpredictable moments. Erica Washington got her groove back, Thomas Gipson decided to one up Chelsea Orcutt in the cheating department, and Julian Allen made a decision sure to make everyone cry during final bonfire. How Kristen Ramos will react though is another matter.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: The Tables Have Turned

The tables have turned this week for several of the couples on Temptation Island! First, Erica Washington has done a complete 180 in regards to her self-confidence. Before, she was only concerned about Kendal Kirkland and catering to his needs and feelings. But after Erica watched Kendal have a threesome, she decided it was time to put herself first. This also included allowing herself to start to fall for Jesse Stephanos. But how will Kendal feel once he sees that Erica is no longer worried about his needs and is moving on?

Second, we have Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt. Chelsea and Thomas arrived on the island to get to the bottom of his “flirty” behavior. But the script was flipped when it was Chelsea who cheated on Thomas first! Thomas predicted this was coming last week when he received Chelsea’s message in a box, and observed she was defending her actions without him knowing what they were yet. And this week he finally found out what those actions were.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: Message In A Box

This week’s Temptation Island brought about several twists that caused some big shake ups amongst the couples. First, we had another round of eliminations, where the couples had to make the hard or not so hard choice of which singles to send home. Would the boys who got cut behave themselves this time around? And regarding the girls, would they speak up, or quietly depart like the last group did?

The second twist was the dreaded thirty second video message. For the first time since they separated, the couples were allowed to send a thirty second video to each other where they could say anything they wanted. Or, they could choose not to send any message at all. And let’s be honest, that would be the most devastating. So, any takers on who didn’t get a message?

Temptation Island Season Episode Recap: Unexpected Loss

This week’s super-sized episode of Temptation Island was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Every one of the couples, minus Kendal Kirkland who is already perfect in his mind, had a breakthrough or revelation about themselves and their current relationship. Luckily for them, they are on the show with the best host therapist combo, Mark L. Walberg, to work them through it.

The episode started where we ended last week, with Kristen Ramos opening up about of the tragic death of her brother. Kristen confirmed to Mark that she stayed with Julian Allen after he cheated because he provided emotional support after her brother passed. Kristen added she hoped she could finally open up now that she had shared this information. It’s definitely one step closer towards her healing. Next up was the guy’s bonfire, and the foreshadowing of some serious trouble between Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt’s relationship. 

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: Three’s Company

Temptation Island has been anything but boring this season. Every week there is a major bombshell, and this week’s episode proved no exception by dropping several more. The mean guy gang was kicked off the island, Blake Eyres is no longer “Blake the fake,” and Kendal Kirkland kicked it up a notch in his quest to sabotage his relationship with Erica Washington. He can’t just sleep with one person on the island, but now two…at the same time!

Kendal was teeing up his excuse slash future gaslighting of Erica on the way to bonfire when he mentioned repeatedly that he and Erica didn’t have any rules so he can do whatever he wanted. No doubt this “no rules” clause will be what Kendal uses against Erica to invalidate her feelings at the end of the season. But for now, we are nowhere near the end (luckily for us!), and it’s bonfire time with Mark L. Walberg and the guys.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: Blake The Fake

This week’s episode of Temptation Island brought on several surprising twists. One being that the guy singles over at the girls villa are more scheming and manipulative than the main characters of Mean Girls. It’s team Blake Eyres versus team everyone else, but in this scenario there isn’t anyone to root for. At least the girl singles are all about having fun and supporting each other going out on dates. Minus Nickole Ciszak and her boiler bunny moment with Corey Sobczyk, of course.

In another twist, we left off last week with Kendal Kirkland about to cheat on his girlfriend Erica Washington with Alexcys Homan. Alexcys and Kendal were alone in his room and Kendal was ready to go. However, Alexcys surprisingly decided to put the kibosh on it. She wanted to wait a bit longer, and urged Kendal not to break her heart. Kendal assured Alexcys that she was his “number one draft pick.” So romantic. But how long will Alexcys be able to hold off? The answer…not too long at all.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap:

This week’s episode of Temptation Island brought the conclusion of everyone’s first bonfire. When we last saw the ladies, it ended on a heartbreaking note when Erica Washington admitted she felt less than her boyfriend, Kendal Kirkland, because he made her feel like she wasn’t good enough. Erica, tell Kendal to get up and make his own sandwiches at four in the morning! Host Mark L. Walberg nudged Erica to come back to that place of self love that she had felt earlier. Erica is going to need a lot more therapy sessions with Mark to up her self-esteem, and I really hope she gets there. 

Kristen Ramos was shown a harmless clip of Julian Allen getting a half lap dance from one of the singles. Afterwards, Kristen dropped the bomb that Julian did not just cheat on her once, but twice! Mark nailed it when he concluded Kristen was a victim of comfort in her relationship. Erin Smith watched as her boyfriend Corey Sobczyk shared that Erin made him feel like he came second in their relationship. Erin worried she might have realized too late that it’s actually not bad that Corey is different from her. And then it was the guys turn at bonfire, and they had a completely different outlook than the ladies.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: He’s Been A Bad Boy

The title of Temptation Island’s second episode, “He’s Been a Bad Boy,” couldn’t have been more fitting to describe the behavior of Kendal Kirkland. Since the premiere episode, it was obvious Kendal was going to be trouble. Case in point, while sitting next to his girlfriend, Erica Washington, Kendal could barely keep his jaw off the floor as the single ladies paraded around introducing themselves. He also left Erica in the dust to throw himself at the other women as soon as they were separated. Poor Erica will be in for a rude awakening this season!

Before we jump ahead to Kendal’s shenanigans, the episode starts off with the couples officially separating from one another. As soon as the boyfriends are out of the picture, all of the single men burst through the door to the girls villa ready to party. None of the women seem particularly thrilled however, especially Erica and Kristen Ramos. On the flip side, as the single ladies swarm the guys villa, all of the guys, minus Corey Sobcyzk, are ready to party. Let the games begin!