Lisa Vanderpump & John Sessa

Lisa Vanderpump has a lot of lovers and a lot of haters and then there are the folks who don’t necessarily like her, but give her a pass because of her devotion to dog rescue. During her time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit produced several glitzy hotspots and probably her favorite business to date. In 2016, Lisa founded Vanderpump Dogs with the vision to make a dent in the animal rescue community and “create a better world for man’s best friend”.

Not even I can snark on that, so moving on. While Vanderpump Dogs’ mission is clear, it hasn’t come without problems. In January 2020, a former employee sued the organization for sexual harassment and now a particularly unpleasant situation has reared it’s head. A woman is claiming a dog she adopted from Lisa’s facility didn’t come with sugar and spice and everything nice. It came filled with worms and had the audacity to pass them on.

Brandi Glanville Has Tweeted The Most Curse Words Of Any Reality Star

Toot toot. Hot mess express coming through! Do you love her or hate her? There is literally no in between for our dearest Brandi Glanville. While it’s safe to say most viewers find Brandi to be a bit much, there’s no denying how integral she is to the world of Bravo.

We have Brandi to thank for the iconic transition from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Vanderpump Rules all those years back. That was an era when your husband cheating with your friend’s waitstaff was peak drama. Since that time, Brandi has jumped all the sharks. And thanks to the internet (mainly Twitter) we all get front row seats to the show!

Lisa Rinna Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers have strong opinions on how this particular cast conducts themselves in a hostile environment. Having disagreements is just part of the job, but it seems like events of an inorganic nature have invaded this franchise more often than not. Exhibit A: the ridiculous Puppygate saga or Exhibit B: the Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards alleged affair.

Playing a key role in both of these occasions was Lisa Rinna. Rinna identifies as more of a follower than a leader in that she’ll follow whatever Kyle Richards does, because worker bees have to stay close to their Queen. RHOBH lost two big players and rumor has it, one of them would consider coming back. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Garcelle Beauvais intimated Denise might entertain a return if “someone” left. Now Denise sets the record straight and “someone” thinks it’s real knee-slapper.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is one of the most notorious women to ever be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Like it or not, she’s responsible for some of the juiciest storylines that have ever been on RHOBH. She made her debut in Season 2 as a friend of Lisa Vanderpump. It became clear early on that she was being used by LVP to spread gossip about Adrienne Maloof using a surrogate. In later seasons, Brandi and Adrienne made up and Brandi slapped LVP across the face.

Brandi is known for other wildly inappropriate antics like throwing wine in Eileen Davidson’s face. Most recently she’s famous for claiming to have sex with Denise Richards. Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Erika Jayne were horrible about the whole thing. But perhaps Brandi is most famous for her backstory. It’s been repeated over and over again since 2008 – so why not see how long it can last?

Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is one of those people who always has a million things on their plate at all times. She started off her career as a singer/songwriter but has dabbled in a little bit of everything. Including Kim Zolciak’s failed singing career. She’s got several successful businesses and a boss attitude to match. And her partner-in-crime Todd Tucker is always by her side, whether he’s helping with projects or taking care of their adorable kids.

While Kandi is always working, her recent seasons of RHOA were light on the drama. She always brings a sexy edge and plenty of hilarious facial reactions, but that’s about it. Her shining moment from Season 13 wasn’t when she was running Cynthia Bailey’s dungeon party as Mistress Angel. It was when she blew up on Kenya Moore for not sharing a crab cake. That’s the Kandi I need to see more of if she comes back to RHOA next season.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was… something. Viewers watched in anticipation of seeing Erika Jayne’s house of cards fall around her and how the cast would respond to the surprising news of her divorce from Tom Girardi. But first, food! You can definitely tell who’s hanging around Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave too much when a plate of plain lettuce looks DELICIOUS.

Lisa Rinna has been staying suspiciously quiet throughout Erika’s scandal. This is surprising because Rinna loves a mess and has no problem ruining friendships for the sake of a storyline. If Denise Richards relayed a harrowing tale of humiliation and despair whilst trading a Lambo for a Range Rover, Rinna would have said, “Oof. You’re so angry. Own your downgrade honey.” It appears Rinna’s lips weren’t made for talking after all, they were made for kissing Erika’s ass, and now fans want answers.

Erika Jayne Posts Cryptic Statement On Twitter; Believes She Knows “The Snakes Feeding Bad Info”

After months of silence, general apathy, and displaying most of her body parts on Instagram, Erika Jayne has spoken. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is battling multiple scandals in her personal life and it looks like the dam might have a crack in it. Things started heating up for Erika in November 2020 when she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi.

What followed was a dumpster fire of law suits with suspicions of fraud and embezzlement thrown in. It’s been easier for Erika to remain unbothered in the background while RHOBH wasn’t airing. But when the current season premiered and spawned a Hulu documentary about Tom and EJ’s allegations, it became difficult for Erika to stay under the radar. Last night EJ’s Twitter fingers got itchy and added another piece of the puzzle. First there were widows, then there were orphans, now we have… SNAKES.

Brandi Glanville Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

There are very few people in the world who can recognize a true stunt queen move. But if you were compelled to form a group of individuals who can clock someone that engages in questionable endeavors with a goal of achieving recognition, call a Bravo viewer. We get lots of stunt queens and most fans are well-versed in not tolerating blatant acts of desperation forced content. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been suffering from forced content for several seasons now, and the person often called in to work is Brandi Glanville.

Brandi has basically been there for the show since she was fired her contract wasn’t renewed. RHOBH had a rough go last year and lost Denise Richards as a result. Denise was the newest target in the environment where absolutely no one is ganged up on. After the disaster that was #puppygate and Lisa Vanderpump’s departure, rumors of a boring Season 10 filled the media during production. Evolution called in Brandi who had some handy dandy unconfirmed rumors to share. Despite the negative press, Denise quitting, and not exactly gaining fans, Brandi has no regrets.