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Kyle Richards Names Puppygate as ‘Most Staged’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Storyline

Kyle Richards has been reflecting on the past and perhaps trying to rewrite history as we know it. In a recent interview with Bustle, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is talking about The-Season-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, otherwise known as Season 9 of RHOBH.

According to Kyle, some things have surprised her about filming over the years. Cameras in the loo to capture audio and the rumors of scripted storylines since she began way back in 2010. She shared what she feels was “the most staged storyline” in the history of RHOBH. Friends, we’re about to discuss Hashtag Puppygate.

Kyle pretends not to remember …

“I can only think of one, and that was the dog story with Lucy whatever it was,” Kyle began. Oh come on now, we all know the name Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy will be forever burned into Kyle’s brain firmly secured by a Kemo Sabe hat.

“Our show isn’t staged or set up, but I think that was brought to the table with the intention for there to be another [spinoff],” Kyle added. The “other spinoff” she’s referencing would be Lisa Vanderpump’s show, Vanderpump Dogs. Another one of Lisa’s vicious attempts to malign the entire cast of the show – not to, you know, rescue animals.

As we all know, #puppygate is the catalyst for what led Lisa out the RHOBH door. If you recall, Dorit Kemsley had adopted Lucy from Lisa’s rescue foundation. She failed to follow specific instructions she agreed to when re-homing the pup didn’t work out. Naturally, this was all pre-planned by Lisa as she hold the power to control animals to bite others at her will.

Who leaked the stories?

The cast ganged up on Lisa and accused her of leaking info to media outlets to make Dorit look bad, a task Dorit has no problem completing on her own. Kyle took it upon herself to approach Lisa in her own home and accuse her of lying. But obviously, this was a whole plan hatched by Vanderpump herself to get a spinoff greenlit. Lisa didn’t return to film and did not attend the Season 9 reunion.

So now Kyle is pretty much saying #puppygate was created by Lisa to bring the focus to Vanderpump Dogs. Lisa still has one hell of a chokehold on these people.

In an effort to prove she had nothing to do with the dog drama Dorit essentially created, Lisa also took and passed a lie detector test. The recently absent Lisa Rinna also fueled the theory LVP was using RHOBH and the cast to promote her new show. During one tantrum, she declared she wanted a cut of Vanderpump Dogs and threatened to contact her attorneys.

Despite LVP walking off the show, Vanderpump Dogs went into production on Peacock the following year.

Perhaps #puppygate can finally rest in peace as Season 13 of RHOBH is battling it for contrived storylines. Ahem, Morgan Wade.

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