Kristen Doute’s Most Chaotic Moments on VPR

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kristen Doute brought the chaotic energy to every single scene she starred in on Vanderpump Rules. While she was often easy to dislike, she was also unapologetically (and sometimes apologetically) herself. She made us laugh and cringe, and she was also a detective, busting her costars in all of their lies. Basically, Kristen’s built for reality television.

Until she was fired by Bravo for racially insensitive behaviors, that is. After several years off-air, where she was hopefully listening and learning and bettering herself, Kristen is now set to make her return to the network. Alongside Jax Taylor and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, Kristen’s current reality will air via VPR’s newest spin-off, The Valley. The trailer recently dropped, and already, Kristen’s latest set of co-stars appear ready with the drama.

In one scene, we see Kristen saying, “I’ve done therapy twice this week, just over this group of people.” We can’t wait to see how Kristen presents, as we suspect that her messy side will reemerge. Hey, as Stassi Schroeder once said, “The only thing I have holding me back is that I have self-respect and dignity. Thank God for Kristen, who is unburdened by those anchors.”

Kristen’s new series debuts on March 19, and we are ready. While we wait, let’s looks back at “crazy Kristen’s” most chaotic moments from her time spent on Vanderpump Rules, to help us prepare for her presence on The Valley.

The Miami Girl Storyline


Kristen and Tom Sandoval broke up in Season 3. After their breakup, Kristen claimed that he’d slept with a woman in Miami, aka “Miami Girl.” Now, at this point, Sandoval and Ariana Madix were dating, so Kristen’s pissed, as Ariana’s friendship with Sandoval was one that she had always worried about. Therefore, Kristen welcomed this women to LA, where she was placed in front of Sandoval’s face, while Kristen happily sat nearby, waiting for his reaction(s).

Things got out of control. Here, Kristen yelled “SUCK A DICK” to her boss Diana, which ended her career at SUR. To her credit, Kristen later revealed that it was production who had flown “Miami Girl” in, not her. Even still, this moment was wildly chaotic on Kristen’s part.

Also, we now know that Sandoval did in fact cheat with this female. Therefore, our empathy towards Kristen’s emotions during Season 3 have grown, like, a lot.

Kristen’s Green Revenge Dress (x3)

Kristen Doute/Instagram

In Season 3, Kristen ventured over to her former shared apartment with her ex. For this visit, Kristen wore a very cute green dress, which showcased her long, lean legs, as well as her chest. Right away, Sandoval’s confessional showed that he understood her revenge dress game, but he also said that she looked good, so, assignment mastered, Kristen.

Wildly, Kristen’s green dress will soon reappear at some point in Season 11. The reality star wore this number while chatting with Peter Madrigal outside of SUR, with cameras filming their interaction. “Yes, it’s that dress,” Kristen confirmed online.

Making its third debut, Kristen just cheekily posted herself wearing it yet again while opening her front door. On the other side stood her bestie and fellow The Valley star, Zack Wickham. We see you girl, using your iconic VPR attire to help promote this new series. Truly, Kristen may be chaotic, but she always understands the assignment.

When Kristen Crashed a Party and Toasted to Katie


In Season 4, Lisa Vanderpump did not invite Kristen to Katie Maloney’s engagement party. This event took place at LVP’s mansion, Villa Rosa, and as the party got underway, Lisa gave a speech to the crowd. “As I look around, I’m surprised to see some of you here,” she began, as the camera’s panned to Kristen’s gatecrashing, broadly smiling face. Lisa then asked if anyone in attendance wanted to say anything, and Kristen’s hand shot up.

“Please don’t, Kristen,” Lisa remarked, noticing Kristen’s outstretched arm. The crowd laughed as Lisa reiterated, “If there’s anybody but Kristen that wants to say anything…” but Kristen had already begun moving forward to speak. Once she had everyone’s attention, Kristen launched into a long-winded, rambling spiel. Insert Lala Kent yelling, “Can we wrap it up?”

Luckily for Kristen, Katie shut Lala down. Even still, Kristen’s bold decision to crash this event, paired with her all over the map speech, made for an incredibly chaotic scene.

Solvang Kristen


When the ladies of VPR headed over to Solvang in Season 7, the shiz hit the fan. One moment, Kristen was fine. The next, she’s tanked and falling down in the hotel lobby. In a confessional, Katie even stated that Kristen was banging around on random hotel doors, asking the answering guests for cigarettes, and WHERE IS THIS FOOTAGE, BRAVO?

The camera’s also showed Kristen slurring “we’ll take another bottle” in an almost cartoon-like voice. “Crazy Kristen, she’s not coming, she’s here,” Stassi said in her confessional. Then, Kristen appears again, doing splits that included a hump-like motion. After this, the ladies left the lobby to head down to the beach, where Kristen lost her battle with gravity yet again, falling from the stairs into the sand.

That’s not all, though. When the liquor first took hold, Scheana Shay had to scold a tipsy Kristen, saying, “Stop checking out the horse’s dick,” while Lala observed Kristen picking at bushes on the side of the street. Overall, Kristen made this girl’s trip both chaotic and memorable, to say the very least, and we hope to see traces of this same energy on The Valley.