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Vanderpump Villa Chef Reveals Food Lisa Vanderpump Refuses to Serve

In the world of reality television, Lisa Vanderpump is a legend. When she first dipped her pink-polished toes into this arena, it was to star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There was some fallout over there though, so LVP walked away. These days, she’s mostly staying out of the drama, as she’s now an executive producer for multiple other series.

Vanderpump Rules was Lisa’s first brainchild, which spun into Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky. From there, Lisa tackled Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, Vanderpump Dogs, The Valley, and finally, Vanderpump Villa. In all of these series, Lisa nailed the precise formula needed for this genre. As for her shows with menus, her serving preferences here are also exact, and one particular item will never make her cut.

Chef Caroline Byl speaks out

Before we get into what Lisa’s not here for, Caroline Byl, aka Vanderpump Villa’s Sous Chef, spoke to Mashed, choosing first to spill some tea on what it was even like working for Bravo’s crown-wearing queen. Spoiler alert, she loves lamp Lisa. “It’s the best experience,” Caroline began, adding that Lisa’s “The most beautiful woman. She is impressive. I always say she’s magical and a pioneer. She knows what she wants and the thing is she doesn’t need to say much but you’ll execute what she wants.”

As for what Lisa doesn’t want to be executed, Caroline revealed that “Lisa is very passionate about animals. So of course, it’s something that we avoid as much as possible, cooking animals like lamb and things like that. She’s more of a pescatarian.”

This makes complete and total sense. And I am not at all shocked.

Lisa’s animal cruelty stance has always been clear

In each one of these series that features her likeness, Lisa’s love for animals has always been clear. Literally every single episode, there’s either a dog in her arms, a pony just randomly prancing around on her property, or a swan that’s swimming gracefully around by her mansion’s opulent entryway. Due to her love for all things non-human (same), she’s used her platform many times to openly speak out against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival that takes place in China, where countless innocent dogs are slaughtered each year.

I hate this. But I love that Lisa’s doing everything that she can to help stop this yearly festival from hell. I also dig that she’s sticking to her guns, choosing to keep her restaurants as humanely kind as possible. Also, I’m open to flying out to France (first-class or even private, I’m flexible) to help her sample all of these menu items. Just let me know, Lisa’s team.

Vanderpump Villa is now streaming on Hulu, with new pescatarian-filled episodes dropping every Monday.