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Texicanas Season Finale Recap: Independence Day

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, lines were drawn and friendships were lost. Both Penny Ayarzagoitia and Mayra Farret found themselves on the outs with Karla Ramirez for different reasons. When Penny attempted to defend Mayra the group twisted it around on her. Rather than the ladies admitting they did something that hurt someone, they are more concerned by how Mayra found out. SMH…. Is this how these women teach their kids to resolve conflict? While Mayra is nowhere near perfect, I don’t agree with women jumping on a bandwagon to attack one person. It’s a little to mean girls for my taste. Even if you don’t care for her, they know what they did on that trip was wrong.

The ladies are still at Anayancy Nolasco’s charity event. It’s great that she wants to give back, but I am not impressed at all by this event.  Penny is put on the hot seat about how Mayra saw the group conversation. I think it’s crazy how these women talk behind a person’s back, but don’t want to be held accountable. Tensions are high. Karla and Penny end up bickering to the point where Karla and her husband say some harsh words on their way out.

Texicanas Recap: Borderline Friendships

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, the drama went up another level when Mayra Farret confronts the women. Penny Ayarzagoitia is forced to explain how Mayra was able to see the group chat in her phone. She claims she innocently showed her a picture and saw the group chat. Hmmm… you know you are guilty when you demand to know how someone knows you betrayed them. SMH… everyone talks behind their friends back to a degree, but this is too much. Mayra has a reason for every claim her “friends” make about her behavior. She actually makes some really good points and succeeds in making them look petty as hell.

Anayancy Nolasco is still complaining that Mayra is attending another function the day of her charity event. Why does she care when she did everything to push her out after asking for her help? Anayancy could have simply explained she decided to do the charity by herself. Karla Ramirez also brings up her grievances about Mayra not purchasing the jewelry she put on hold.

Texicanas Recap: Text Mess

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, was another day, another drama. Mayra Farret discovered that some of the ladies may not be her true friends. She reads secret messages that no one thought she would ever see. Hmmm…. What goes on in the dark always comes to light. That is why I find it best to always be correct. Anyone who I have an issue with definitely knows it!!!! Honestly, I am starting to feel like Mayra has fallen from grace with the ladies and several are happy about it. It’s hard being a woman at times, cattiness seems to come with the territory.

Karla Ramirez meets her husband, Manoli Ramirez at their club to get everything ready for their “Havana Nights” one-year anniversary party. The night of the party, the club is packed and all the ladies come to celebrate. One would think that this event would be drama free, but not with this group. Karla and Mayra made up at the “sip and see”, but all does not seem to be well. Karla is upset because Mayra still hasn’t purchased the jewelry that she asked to put on hold. She also hasn’t told her that changed her mind. Sigh… I swear these ladies handle conflict more like high school girls, rather than middle-aged women. Karla, instead of ignoring your friend all night, simply tell her you are going to sell the piece if it’s not purchased by a certain date. Why does this have to become such a telenovela???

Texicanas Recap: Birthday Bashing

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, the events didn’t stop and neither did the drama. Mayra Farret just resolved her issues with Luz Ortiz, only to be caught up in another fight. Will she be able to put her pride to the side to mend a friendship? Or will these close friends become enemies?

Lorena Martinez visited Mayra to discuss her upcoming birthday party. The day of the event, Mayra’s perfectionist OCD goes into overdrive. I must admit, she did an outstanding job given she only had 36 hours to pull everything together. While there, Anayancy Nolasco reveals she met with Mayra’s contact for her nonprofit behind her back. Mayra is not happy that she has been left out considering she suggested initially the meeting. Ugh… I swear the smallest things are dramatized. Anayancy doesn’t strike me as someone who is well versed in social etiquette. Also, she should have simply told Mayra she doesn’t need her help if she didn’t want her involved. Anayancy feels like Mayra only wants to be involved so she can take credit for connecting her with everyone. That may be true, but I would have simply just told her I want to try to do it alone.

Texicanas Recap: The Truce

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, the moment we have all been waiting for finally happened! Could Luz Ortiz and Mayra Farret be ready to bury the hatchet? Or will this meeting only lead to more hurt feelings and catfights? I’m sure all the ladies are ready to put the drama to rest, and so am I!

Luz and her best friend, Janet Montagne are on their way to meet the other ladies at the gun range. Apparently, Luz organized yet another event excluding Mayra. After leaving her out, Luz calls Mayra outside only to discover she is blocked. If you ignore me and keep inviting MY friends places without me, I would block you too.

Texicanas Recap: Unfashionable Behavior

On last night’s episode of  Texicanas, the saga continued between Luz Ortiz and Mayra Farret. I swear it doesn’t matter how old the women are catfights will always exist. To think this drama is all over the word, “anal”. Maybe I am in the minority, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. SMH…But in the spirit of reality tv, take a small argument and drag it out for a season. These women definitely have taken a page out of The Real Housewives handbook!

Several of the women attended a mariachi mass with their families. Karla Ramirez barely crawled down the aisle to find a seat after completing the grueling Spartan race, the day before. I bet she will train beforehand if she ever agrees to do another one. The ladies attend lunch after mass with their families. Although Luz is not there, she and Mayra’s relationship (or lack thereof) becomes a topic of discussion. Mayra seems to be struggling with how they can coexist in one friend group. This will be a problem when the ladies are eventually put in a position to choose a side. If I were Mayra, I wouldn’t allow Luz to alienate me among women I have known longer than her.

Texicanas Recap: Mind Over Matter

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, Penny Ayarzagoitia continued to carry the bones of the drama with her friends. After the head pat and scolding Mayra Farret gave Luz Ortiz, on last week’s episode, tensions are high. Luz stormed away as Mayra tried to explain her actions. Mayra feels like her anger is justified, but concedes to apologize for putting her hands on Luz. Who would think calling someone “anal” would result in all of this? Chill out, Mayra. It’s not that serious.

We have the chance to meet Luz’s family and learn more about her past. Surprisingly, when she was married she was the total opposite of who she is today. Instead of a rocker chick, she was a traditional wife and mother like Lorena Martinez. What a difference a divorce will make. I can’t imagine her wearing frilly dresses and playing the role of the Stepford wife.

Texicanas Season Premier Recap: Two Months Earlier

Texicanas is a new series on Bravo based in Antonio, TX that has one of the largest Mexican populations in the United States. The show follows six ladies as they navigate friendship, family, and, of course, drama, all while maintaining their connection to their culture and traditions. If you are looking for a mix of Real Housewives with a hint of a telenovela, this is the show for you!

In a twist, the story is told from the perspective of Penny Ayarzagoitia. She recounts the events that lead to relationships unraveling and friends turning into enemies. She was born in the U.S., but spent her youth in Mexico. She’s has a successful real estate career in San Antonio with husband, Raul and they have two sons.