Panos Spentzos


Well, that didn’t take long! Reality TV star, movie star, and singer, Lindsay Lohan will be heading back to Reality TV. Lilo’s recent attempt to be the next Lisa Vanderpump with her show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, didn’t go so well. 

Lindsay and her “Lohan Brand,” the cast of VIP hosts, and take no BS Panos Spentzos just weren’t interesting enough to warrant a second season. And not only did her show get cancelled, but her beach club shut down too. Lindsay spraying guests with her champagne gun must have been a turn off. So, what will Lindsay be doing next?


When the news came out last year that Lindsay Lohan was starring in a new reality show, it appeared that the series might be the road to her comeback. Lindsay, who was arguably the most famous child star of her time, has had a checkered history of arrests, rehabs, family drama and all-around bad behavior.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which premiered in January, seemed like a golden opportunity for Lindsay to rebuild her career. The show, set in beautiful Mykonos, Greece, centered around Lindsay’s management of her beach club and staff who were called ambassadors. The series was heavily publicized and things were looking up for Lindsay. Now, news has come out that the show–and Lindsay’s Mykonos club–are both history.


Lindsay Lohan just wrapped the first and only season of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Her show was billed as a Vanderpump Rules style show. Which was somewhat true as the cast mostly partied and got into fights. 

However, Lindsay wasn’t around as much in the boss role like Lisa Vanderpump. Instead, the witty and fabulous Panos Spentzos was in charge. Andy Cohen, get Panos his own show stat! There’s no word yet if Lindsay’s show is going to get picked up for a second season. But if it does, it doesn’t seem like the cast of Vanderpump Rules is shaking in their boots. Especially Scheana Marie.


Last night’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club with Lindsay Lohan wearing a weird vest attached to a machine, and I guess receiving electrical pulses.

Maybe it’s foreshadowing that this episode will be electrifying!  Or just Lindsay wanting some more air time. Only one way to find out.  Let us dive into the Lohan brand to see what our hard-working VIP hosts are up to this time.


Last week on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Clubwe were treated to the despicable human that is Brent Marks and his inability to realize his position within the club.  Last night, the VIP hosts may have something to fear as mouthpiece boss Lindsay Lohan, and Panos Spentzos, threaten their employees with the arrival of a new hire.


We begin tonight’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach club with Lindsay Lohan sitting down with business partner, friend, creative director, and all-around boss bitch Panos Spentzos, and the new hires to have a little meeting.

She decides to hand out paper and pens. Then, she asks everyone to write down their intentions.

“What are your goals if you want to work with Lohan? What do you want out of life?” she asks the group. <sigh> This seems a little too cutesy for me. Can you picture Lisa Vanderpump asking the workers at SUR to write their thoughts and feelings down?

Lindsay-Lohans-Beach-Club Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

After a tumultuous career, and numerous interactions with the legal system, Lindsay Lohan has returned to the spotlight with the premiere of her new reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The series centers around a beach club cleverly named “Lohan Beach House.”  Lindsay opened the club with Panos Spentzos in Mykonos, Greece.

In this premiere, we were introduced to her new employees. We got a little insight into Lindsay herself and saw what her beach club has to offer.