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Thank goodness Real Housewives of New York finally came back. I felt like old lady Rose from the Titanic thinking it had been 85 years since Luann de Lesseps talked about cabaret. What we lost in Dorinda Medley, we make up for in getting to know Eboni K. Williams. Eboni is a spicy ball of fire and while she doesn’t replace Dorinda, she’s at least providing a buffer for those who are not enamored with Leah McSweeney making her sophomore run.

Leah is brassy. She’s ballsy. She has knuckle tatts. Not your average NYC high society chick, and it’s actually great because Ramona Singer has that covered. Fans thought Ramona and Leah would clash, and they did. But Ramona seemed to have an almost maternal affection for Leah. Despite Leah humming a ravioli in Mona’s face and yeeting her tiki torches into the abyss, Ramona showed a level of patience we haven’t seen before. Now we find out Ramona’s patience for Leah has extended into her second season – for now.

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How are we liking Real Housewives of New York so far? Last night, Ramona Singer threw a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party and we saw the return of Heather “Mama” Thomson. Holla! I love it when they bring back former cast members. It also looks like Leah McSweeney and LuAnn de Lesseps love it too, because they were eager to give Heather a hard time for alleging that Sonja Morgan and Lu are into “strong drugs.”

Meanwhile, Eboni K. Williams showed she can hold her own and appears to be sensible and sweet towards anyone going through a hard time. Overall, Eboni is proving herself to be a great new edition to RHONY, which is important because the cast has gone through some major shakeups the last few seasons. Tinsley Mortimer left to marry Scott Kluth. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out. But the biggest blow was Dorinda Medley getting the boot. Say what you might about Dorinda, but her absence has left a gaping hole, which begs the question – are five Housewives enough to sustain a whole season?

Andy Cohen

Who doesn’t love a good dog storyline on Bravo? Our furry friends bring out all the feels. A recent-ish personal favorite was the hilarity of Sonja Morgan mindlessly sharing her hairbrush with Marley on camera. There’s also the scene of Giggy drinking from one of Adrienne Maloof’s goblets at a dinner party. Iconic.

The loss of Bravo-pups, however, never gets any easier. The internet just about blew-up when Bethenny Frankel Instagram-lived her dog’s health crisis. Unfortunately, Cookie later passed at the ripe age of seventeen! There was also the loss of Kenya Moore’s darling Velvet, which caused quite the stir off screen. More recently, Andy Cohen rehomed his beloved Wacha following the birth of his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen.

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The Hamptons are alive with the sound of Garth Wakeford.  Or just Garth.  The name of Luann de Lesseps’ boyfriend at the time that the Real Housewives of New York was filming it’s 13th Season reverberated all over the East End of Long Island.  We’ve learned more about Garth than we needed to, especially considering that he isn’t dating Luann anymore.  Garth’s workouts are inspiring.  Garth makes a mean lamb curry.  But Luann was smitten, hopeful, and enjoying her “coronavirus romance.”

Luann gushing about her “viking” of a man triggered Sonja Morgan into a Morgan-level meltdown.  But after a bit of analysis by Eboni K. Williams, Sonja admitted that her negative feelings towards Luann’s new relationship had to do with Luann ghosting her friends every time she finds a new man.  Luann acknowledged Sonja’s feelings, if only for the cameras.  Well, it’s time to see if Luann modified her behavior.

Carole Radziwill Blocks Leah McSweeney On Instagram; Leah Slams Carole For Former Friendship With Ghislaine Maxwell

The Real Housewives of New York brought back a blast from the past this week with Holla Heather Thomson joining the ladies in the Hamptons. However, not everyone was excited for her return, particularly Leah McSweeney. Since her departure from the show, Mama Heather has had quite a lot to say about her former castmates and most of it isn’t positive. She’s accused Luann de Lesseps of doing hard drugs and slammed Sonja Morgan’s facelift, among other things. And Leah wasn’t down for being fake friends with someone who’s been so candidly bashing her former “friends” in the press. Even Ramona Singer, who invited her in the first place, banished Heather to the lower level, so you know it’s bad.

Heather’s RHONY return has been teased since the premiere of Season 13 and it was finally time. And Leah didn’t waste a moment bringing up what Heather said on her podcast. The podcast episode in question featured another alum, Carole Radziwill. Someone who apparently is so over Bravo, but has continued to bash all of her former co-stars, even Andy Cohen, and provide her opinion plenty of places it wasn’t asked for.

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Sonja Morgan has been on the Real Housewives of New York since Season 3.  In that time, we’ve come to know the quirky, sexy, funny, and kind-hearted woman in her own right.  But somehow her decade old divorce still haunts her, and not just because she mourns the family unit that she had.  Sonja enjoyed the prestige and distinction of marrying into one of the most powerful families in the world, and it can’t be easy to live as a mere mortal again.

Of course us viewers can empathize to a point, but it’s been eight seasons of meltdowns.  It’s always the same.  Sonja will become triggered by something Morgan, then have a total breakdown.  Alcohol saturation doesn’t help matters.  And because it’s been so long, viewers have watched as RHONY alums were inaugurated into this bizarre cycle.  Last season, it was Leah McSweeney drunkenly raging at Sonja to change her last name.  This time it’s Eboni K. Williams turn to react.

Heather Thomson Real Housewives Of New York

SHE IS FINALLY BACK. Heather “Hey Mama” Thomson is making her grand return. With Heather, you either love her or hate her. There is no in between. She has A LOT to own up to after speaking negatively in the press about her former costars. Leah McSweeney will make sure of that. The Real Housewives of New York may have been wild when Heather was previously in the group. However, their antics are on an entirely new level since she exited the show. Good luck!

When we last saw Sonja Morgan, she was in a full alcohol induced spiral. Her obsession with her former family is becoming more unhealthy every season. The attachment is misplaced and is doing her quite a bit of harm. She even shoved her bestie Ramona Singer! Ramona is a lot of things, but she doesn’t deserve someone putting their hands on her. Something has to come to a head with her. Will she ever get on a better path? Let’s hope so.

Luann de Lesseps

Sonja Morgan has been on the Real Housewives of New York long enough for us viewers to identify her patterns of behavior.  There are two aspects to Sonja that bubble to the surface, the fact that she can’t shake her past life and that she wants to present a persona of a highly desirable, hobnobbing, NY socialite.  If you need more convincing, consider that Sonja ALWAYS compares herself to New York City in her taglines.  It’s time she stopped living in a fantasy, though it’s highly entertaining to see her drunken meltdowns.  Who knew that Eboni K. Williams banking with Wells Fargo could be so triggering?

It would serve Sonja well to be present in her current life because the embellishments and reveries seem detrimental at this point.  And they tend to pop up and very inconvenient times.  Take the comments Sonja made about Luann de Lesseps’s ex-husband Tom D’Agostino.  During Luann’s courtship with Tom, Sonja revealed that they had a prior “friends with benefits” situation.  Was that true?  Was Sonja embellishing to prop up her facade of desirability?  Thankfully, both ladies have nothing to do with Tom anymore, but it’s got to be a touchy subject for Luann.