The Best Blue Stone Manor Moments From Real Housewives

Blue Stone Manor

Blue Stone Manor, Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home, has appeared on several seasons of Real Housewives of New York. Despite Ramona Singer’s Season 6 declaration of “No one vacations in the Berkshires,” that very next year, Dorinda joined the cast, and her house in this exact location quickly become an annual tradition. These days though, Dorinda is making plans to sell Blue Stone Manor. Don’t be all uncool, Dorinda.

Carole Radziwill actually named Dorinda’s manor. This happened in Season 7, which was the manor’s first appearance on Bravo. Since then, this home’s shown up on RHONY, and even on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Since it might soon be sold, let’s now give this estate the honor it deserves, by looking back at the best Blue Stone Manor moments on Real Housewives.

Also. I’m able to chip in a few thousand, if anyone can cover the rest. I’m aware that this isn’t fair, but I’ll happily take the fish room in exchange for my inability to pay. Lemme know.

Dorinda Made Blue Stone Manor Nice – Season 8


The cast trip to the Berkshires in Season 8 was chaotic, featuring several fights amongst the ladies. First, Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps went toe to toe, yelling about each other’s sexual conquests. This came after Bethenny grew angry over Luann and Sonja Morgan’s late-night lifestyles, particularly about how much they both drank when together.

Afterwards, Luann went into the kitchen, still popping off, but to Ramona. Cackling over a cake that Dorinda’s mother had purchased, the ladies stopped short as Dorinda entered in, clearly upset that her home had become a battle ground, and that her mother’s cake was the object of their laughter. At this point, Dorinda snapped, yelling, “I cooked! I decorated! I made it nice!”

Truly, I use this line often with my middle-schooler. Also, it’s restated across the entire Real Housewives viewership, so now, it’s here, on our best Blue Stone Manor moments list.

Blue Stone Manor Heard It All Mentioned – Season 9


In Season 9, the cast once again traveled to Blue Stone Manor, where Ramona got into a fight with Bethenny. She accused the Skinny Girl mogul of sleeping her way to the top. “I never mentioned that, but now we’ll mention it,” Ramona rambled, which birthed Bethenny’s most iconic line to date. Kicking her legs in the air, spread apart, Bethenny leaned back on Dorinda’s couch and yelled, “Mention it all!”

Afterwards, Ramona caused extensive damage to her bedroom, as she removed temporary light fixtures off the wall. This saw the wall’s paint being ruined as well. One iconic line, and Ramona’s destructive ways, both came out of Season 9’s trip to Blue Stone Manor. This makes this one of the most chaotic moments for this home’s sordid history on Real Housewives.

Blue Stone Manor’s Murder Mystery Party – Season 10


In Season 10, the ladies arrived at staggered times to their stay at Blue Stone Manor. On Bethenny’s drive up, she convinced herself that this trip would be peaceful. When she arrived, she went to show her sweater to Dorinda. “Chilling with my snowmies” was embroidered on it.

Bethenny asked Dorinda if she “got it,” which she clearly did, because this wasn’t a hard concept. Then, Bethenny asked if “the moron in there playing with the snow globes (aka Ramona) would get it.” This was a fair assumption, as it turns out, because Ramona, when asked, replied that maybe it “had something to do with vaginas.”

Dorinda then sat the ladies down for lunch. Here, she inserted a few ground rules, because this is her home, she made it nice, again, and these ladies needed to behave. After lunch, the ladies changed into their 1920s alter egos for a Murder Mystery Party that Dorinda planned.

Before it began, Bethenny “never met a friter” that she didn’t like. Therefore, she ate one, straight out of a waitors outstretched, napkin’ed hand. As an actor pretended to choke and die in the background, Bethenny explained that she couldn’t assist, as she had a another friter in her hand. Meanwhile, Luann adopted an accent, and tried to revive the guy, alongside Ramona, and during the game, Dorinda gave up, because she was hungry.

No worries, the only thing that died was Bethenny and Carole’s friendship. These two ladies spent the night sparring, all while dressed like the roaring 20’s. As this was the holidays, the women also got wasted, waking up hungover together in the fish-themed bedroom. This Real Housewives trip was chaotic, and is still our favorite Blue Stone Manor moment.

Blue Stone Manor’s Fish Room and The Morgan Letters – Season 11


While staying at Blue Stone Manor in Season 11, Dorinda made it nice for Sonja, taking her friend to a mansion that was connected to the family of her ex, a Morgan. By the end of this day, Sonja was wasted, and at dinner, she had a meltdown over Dorinda’s touching of one of the letters that was in this home. Sonja screamed, “YOU DON’T TOUCH THOSE F**KING LETTERS! YOU DON’T TOUCH THE F**KING MORGAN LETTERS!”

Also freaking out was Luann, who was given the extremely expensive fish room. “Don’t tell me I’m in the fish room,” Luann said at dinner, while Dorinda was in the bathroom. “If I’m in the fish room I’m gonna freak out,” she expressed, as Tinsley Mortimer jumped in, trying to take this not-a-real problem off of Luann’s shoulders.

This trip was pretentious, but it was still entertaining to watch these Real Housewives navigate their feelings at Blue Stone Manor.

Remember Your Blue Stone Manors – Season 12

RH BH/YouTube

The Blue Stone Manor trip in Season 12 saw Ramona clogging Dorinda’s toilet. Unable to fix it, Leah McSweeney came to Ramona’s rescue, as did Dorinda, who all laughed at Ramona’s massive…deposit.

We will miss Blue Stone Manor if Dorinda does decide to sell, but these best moments that took place here will forever live on via Bravo.