Teresa Giudice Explains Ford Comment & Accusation That Jacqueline Laurita Called The FEDs On Her

Teresa Giudice has a lot to explaining to do after the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion! She’s too good for a Ford?! Jacqueline Laurita called the FEDS on her?! Oh my…

In her blog Teresa clarifies why “Jacqueline is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

But first, the Ford comment! Teresa and Juicy actually currently OWN a Ford, so duh – she would drive one for sure! Especially since Juicy can’t legally drive. But exactly how many cars do these so-called bankrupt individuals possess?


“I didn’t like the question, and I gave a snarky response,” says Teresa. “Yes, I would drive a Ford, I have driven a Ford, Joe’s F-150 pickup truck is parked in my garage.”

“The reason I felt so defensive is because of all of the attention my car received when I came home from camp. I am done apologizing to people about what happened.”

Furthermore, Teresa doesn’t owe it to RHONJ viewers to prove that she’s taken responsibility.

“The chapter of my life is over,” adds Teresa, “yet as hard as I try to put the past in the past where it belongs, some people have to constantly bring it up.”

That’s kinda the breaks of airing your life – felonies and all – on reality TV. But Teresa specifies that she’s actually referring to “people like Jacqueline.” People who are hypocrites and liars themselves.

Teresa to breaks down her infamous FED accusation. “Is Jacqueline Laurita the reason Joe and I had legal problems? No. Were Jacqueline and others involved in communicating with some of the people that set out to hurt Joe and I? Yes. Did it bother me that someone who I thought my was my friend was in cahoots with people that were trying to destroy my family and hurt my children? Absolutely.”

Teresa believes Jac ran in the season finale because “she is a coward, she knows what she’s done to hurt my family, and she knows that I know.”

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When exactly did Teresa uncover this information? Seems like she’s riled up over something she discovered or learned recently? Has she been secretly meeting with Kim G?! Let’s hope!

Teresa points out that Jacqueline The Cowardly Housewife has used this tactic before to hide her guilt. “When she didn’t show up at the Season 3 reunion, it’s because she knew what she had done to Melissa, and she didn’t want to be confronted about it.”

Teresa promises, “You’ll see a lot more of me confronting Jacqueline in the second part of the reunion, and things will become a lot clearer.”

She ends on a positive note of thanking Joe and Melissa for their support. “We are unbreakable and that’s another thing that drives Jacqueline nuts.” Teresa also loves “everything about Siggy and Dolores” – even Dolores’ friendship with Caroline?

Teresa adds, “Trust me, if you thought part one was good, wait until you see part two.”

I vacillate on this – obviously if Teresa and Joe weren’t breaking the law to begin with, there would be nothing to disclose. However, if Jacqueline was party to this, that’s a serious betrayal of friendship that’s pretty undeserved over a reality television drama. I do think there is some validity to what Teresa is saying about Jacqueline’s involvement which I think amounted to running her mouth when she got mad. I also think Jacqueline constantly deflects from her own legal matters with Teresa’s.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]