Heather Dubrow

Taking a page from Taylor Swift, Heather Dubrow is accusing Jeff Lewis of character assignation for making allegations that she’s fake and phony. 

While appearing on WWHL last week, Jeff dubbed Heather his least favorite Housewife, “which is completely fine,” she insists, “not everyone’s gonna like you,” but she’s not fine with Jeff accusing her of being rude to waitstaff during a dinner party at Shannon Beador‘s house (not filmed) – especially since he misrepresented his own behavior that fateful night! 

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star is fighting back by exposing Jeff for making “awful and disturbing” comments to her.


“During the [WWHL] After Show, he started attacking my character,” Heather complained to Access Hollywood. “Which really bothered me because that night he was body shaming me and face shaming me at the table. He was talking about my breasts; he was talking about my body – it was so disgusting!” 

Heather recalled that Jeff was intent to provoke her about whether or not she lies about having plastic surgery, and why she hasn’t gotten a boob job. “I haven’t had plastic surgery,” she clarified. “To be at a dinner party for my friend and have this man shaming me about the size of my breasts or what I’ve had done to my face was so awful and disturbing to me.” 

“But I let it go,” Heather added. “He knew I was upset.” After seeing WWHL Heather wondered, “What is wrong with this guy?” and felt she had to respond. “That’s the only thing that I’m upset with myself over – that I engaged.” She called Jeff an “a$$hole” on twitter. 

Heather is moving on. After all, she has a mega-house to finish building. “He’s honestly so not worth my time,” she smirked dismissively. “Our paths don’t cross all that often, but, like with anyone else, I would be polite.” 

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One person Heather continues to be vocal about is Teresa Giudice and her post-prison re-emergence. Heather has already questioned the message Teresa sent by returning to reality TV and acting as if everything is fine while driving off into the sunset in a Lexus to do yoga. Now, Heather is reacting to Teresa walking out during an Access Hollywood interview when the hosts asked about Joe’s potential deportation, and Heather’s opinions on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star. 

“I don’t think she left because of me,” Heather protested. “I understand she may not want to talk about the deportation issue – she has four young children… but, you know what, tell your publicists to tell them, these questions are off limits. Also, you’re on a reality show!” 

AHL hostess Kit Hoover insists they were never instructed not to ask about Joe. Teresa’s publicists insist they were. 

“Look – I don’t know her. She seems very nice, and she’s clearly a very good and caring mother,” Heather acknowledged.

Well, speaking of impertinent inquiries, RHOC returns tonight with the Vicki GunvalsonSorry, Not Sorry’ Tour. Vicki finally approaches Shannon to discuss the Brooks‘ cancer drama, but Shannon is NOT receptive. Meanwhile, Meghan and Kelly argue about Vicki. Then, Meghan is once again getting the deep freeze from Jimmy (this time in the form of his sperm), and Briana has a serious health complication and is rushed to the hospital. Heather continues to be frustrated with Terry’s schedule. 


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