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Dina Manzo Slams Bravo For Promoting Digital Series Featuring Caroline Manzo In The Midst Of Their Family Drama

Dina Manzo is angry. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum has a lot of brewing family turmoil. On the positive side, Dina is happily married to new husband, David Cantin. But the road to Dina’s happily ever after was plagued with ugly obstacles from her past. As you know, Dina and her sister, Caroline Manzo were cast on the inaugural season of RHONJ and both were married to brothers in the Manzo family.

According to urban legend, Dina joined Real Housewives to gain financial independence from Tommy Manzo so she could leave his allegedly cheating ass. Dina ultimately got what she wanted, but the demise of her nuptials came at a big price. Dina and David have both been victims of violent assaults and Tommy got popped for hiring the attacker(s). Big sissy Caroline went against her blood to protect her last name. Now the sisterly feud continues to boil as Dina checks Bravo for being “insensitive” during her difficult time.

When RHONJ began, the Manzo sisters chuckled over any implication “the family” has ties within the world of organized crime. Some viewers took them at their word, others considered the fact that Caroline’s father-in-law was nicknamed “Tiny” and met his maker while stuffed into an automobile trunk. The possibility of the Manzos being affiliated with THE MOB practices of an unethical nature further came into view when the person who attacked Dina’s new husband in a parking lot was allegedly hired by Tommy.

Dina and David were also the victims of a violent home invasion and received injuries as a result. Tommy was side-eyed for that one too. In a shocking twist, Caroline wound up writing a letter of support for her husband’s brother. Now Dina is pissssssssssed. Recently, Caroline participated in a digital series and Dina thinks Bravo is pretty lowbrow for promoting it.

On Twitter, Bravo posted about the series and teased Caroline’s subject matter. A fan of Dina’s felt this was in poor taste and tagged Dina in. “What a slap in the face this is to Dina Manzo. How about asking her WTF she wrote a character letter supporting the asshole who attacked her sister so badly she needed reconstructive surgery on her face?” Fair, but Bravo is not a magical, sacred place for sin-free people only.


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Dina replied, “Bravo shouldn’t have chosen this week for a catch up. It’s in very poor taste and is extremely hurtful.” Shit, if Bravo had to take everyone’s feelings into consideration, programming would be limited specifically to How To Lose A Man In 10 Days and that’s it. Dina’s feelings are valid, but I mean, this is not PBSAnother commenter offered advice. “You need to keep your family issues private.” Dina responded, “I have for 11 years. I’m done being quiet.”

Dina’s follower agrees, “Bravo shouldn’t have caught up with them PERIOD. I’m beyond disgusted as is the overwhelming majority. #JusticeforDina #clownfreeTV” Seriously? This is the same channel with Teresa GiudiceJen Shah, and multi-mugshot owner, Marlo Hampton. If you want #justicefordina, go to court.


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Dina shared her dismay. “I’m shocked they [Bravo] turn their heads to such violence. They stand up for all other causes?? But I know she [Caroline] got to them too with their lies. It is what it is.” Weren’t cameras with Dina when Teresa literally flipped a table and verbally attacked a fellow cast member while Dina basically smiled and clapped her hands? Not the same circumstances, not the same level of assault, but lecturing this network will not result in #clownfreeTV.

Dina’s issues are with family and it’s not Bravo’s responsibility to re-evaluate their programming because she feels some type of way. Hopefully Dina will receive a satisfactory result from legal battles with her ex and find healing with Caroline in the future. But in the present, this isn’t not a Bravo problem, it’s a Manzo problem.


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