Another day, another drama as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue shooting the third season of the Bravo hit.

Oh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…have you learned nothing from Jill Zarin and Teresa Giudice?  Getting too big for your Chanel baubles leads to nothing but co-star–and fan!–backlash.  RadarOnline is reporting that Lisa Vanderpump has gotten a tad cocky in light of her recent spin-off.  A source tells the site, “There are a lot of bad feelings because Lisa got her own show and Taylor [Armstrong] for one thinks that Lisa has been acting like a diva during filming. Taylor and Lisa had gotten close after Russell’s suicide last year, but Taylor now feels like that was all done for the cameras.”

“The Housewives are jealous that Lisa got so much attention at the recent up fronts in New York City,” the insider goes on to say.  However, “Lisa does have one very vocal supporter among the cast though, Brandi Glanville. Brandi thinks it’s fantastic that Lisa got her own show and of course, she wants to appear on that show as well.”  No shocker there!


The source claims that Lisa wasn’t keen on returning for a third run with the lavish ladies who lunch, citing, “Lisa is acting like she deserves to have her own show and that the other ladies should be grateful that she agreed to appear on this current season of Housewives. The only reason Lisa agreed to come back for the third season was because she was getting her own show on Bravo and it was part of the contract deal she signed. Lisa is a very smart businesswoman and she dismisses the other ladies feelings because she believes they are jealous. Lisa didn’t get to where she is in life without ruffling feathers.”

A second source (they’re just coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they?) alleges that Lisa is hoping to divide and conquer as she pits her former frienemies against each other.  The insider asserts, “Lisa is always trying to make the women take her side in any situation and divide them up and make them fight against each other. She’s been so nasty that the other women are furious that she seems to think that she’s the biggest star in the show.”

Yet another source is waiting on the drama to start between Lisa and the newbie housewife, stating,“There is definitely going to be tension between Yolanda Hadid, David Foster’s wife, and Lisa over some past legal wrangles that have gone on.”  I wonder if this means we will being seeing less of Mo and his mermaid parties this year?

Speaking of my favorite reveler, as you know, Yolanda was married to Mohamed Hadid for eight years, and the couple have three children together.  After divorcing in 2003, Yolanda got quite the divorce settlement.  RadarOnline has learned that Yolanda “retained ownership of the Santa Barbara mansion, a $6 million dollar Malibu property, an Arabian horse, sole ownership of Hadid Interiors, several bank accounts , a Range Rover and an Escalade.”

In addition to paying for private school and a full time nanny, Mohamed pays Yolanda $30,000 a month in child support.  She also received a one-time lump sum payment in the amount of $3.6 million and was getting $10,000 a month is spousal support until marrying acclaimed musical producer David Foster.  Mohamed did get to keep the couple’s primary residence which is featured on the show, as well as the Mexican vacation home, but Yolanda is free to use the getaway whenever she pleases.  The pair share joint custody of their children, and Mohamed maintains a million dollar life insurance policy which names Yolanda and the kids as the beneficiaries.  That sounds like a pretty amicable split to me!  It’s worth noting that the couple had a pre-nup, but it was declared null and void once the settlement agreement was executed.  Kind of makes you wonder about it’s terms, doesn’t it?

Yolanda is stepping in to fill the shoes of Camille Grammer, who left the show to avoid her kids being filmed.  However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a comeback, as Camille has already been seen filming little tidbits here and there a la Orange County’s Jeana Keough.  A Bravo source tells RadarOnline, “Producers of the show have tremendous respect for Camille and there was always the possibility that she would appear on the current season which recently began filming. Camille has great chemistry with the fellow Housewives and viewers were very vocal about their displeasure when it was announced that she wasn’t going to be returning.”

“Camille went to Portia’s birthday party at Kyle [Richards]’s house on Saturday. Kim Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong were all there and very happy to see Camille,” a party guest relays to the site. “The ladies seem to have great chemistry and hadn’t seen in other in a while. It was a lovely afternoon and the birthday girl was lovingly doted on by her parents. Kyle has made it clear to producers of the show that she wants Camille back on for good, and she usually gets what she wants!”

I personally was sad to see Camille exit stage left, so I am excited to get to see her at least a little bit on the upcoming season.


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