This weekend gossip around the ATL was that Kim Zolciak was spotted moving Big Poppa’s furniture out of the much gossiped about “dream home” she had been renting. It would appear that landlady Kendra Davis has come through with her plan to serve the Biermann’s with an eviction notice of some sort. Or the Biermanns decided they no longer wanted to be “squatters” and moved out! 

Here’s the backstory: Kim and husband Kroy Biermann were renting the home – fully decorated by Kendra – with the intent to buy. She announced on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion that she was “closing” on the house very soon. Apparently Kendra and Kim had a falling out over Kim planning to get married on the property – and construct large venues in the backyard – without consulting Kendra. Then Kim uninvited Kendra to the wedding.


On top of that Kim owes Kendra several thousand dollars for decorating services. Well when Kim started bad-mouthing Kendra on Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, Kendra pulled a Jacqueline Laurita on Twitter and started going crazeeeee.

Kendra announced that Kim had no plans to buy her house – never had – and that her lease was up and she was a month-to-month tenant, aka a squatter. Ouch! Kendra announced plans to evict the Biermann’s and well, perhaps she has or they just decided to move out. Moving trucks were spotted her way and Kim has been tweeting up a storm about the situation all morning. Shouldn’t she be helping with the move or something?

“My family and I r moving into one of the 2 homes we OWN til our new home is finished! Its really not that serious people!” Kim tweeted. Kim even explained herself to Wendy Williams, claiming she was not evicted! “No honey not evicted, lease was up may 31st and were trying to extend our lease for 4 mnths until our house was built but our asshole landlords emailed us June 1st and said get out, so we r in the process of moving!”

“Eviction means I never paid my rent which has never happened we are simply in a holding period and moving out while paying a fine everyday until everything is out! Google Kendra she is bat shit crazy mama! Xo,” she espoused.

She added, “when we talked a couple mnths ago remember I told u inspection report was bad on the home and it appraised for 2.1 and they want 3.25 and wouldn’t budge so on to bigger and better! :).”

Well after being asked over and over again, Kim finally, kinda, maybe admitted – via tweet –  that the couple had been evicted!

Poor Kroy… I don’t know what he was thinking getting mixed up with this mess, but he’s really ruining his reputation! Also, does he have any of his $9M paycheck left?

Moving on, NeNe Leakes has been maintaing a low profile (considering she’s 18 feet tall) while she focuses on her acting jobs. NeNe has been keeping relatively quiet about all the drama surrounding RHOA – which is a shame because her comments on Kim‘s eviction would be priceless – but apparently she hosted a Nieman Marcus sponsored tea party this weekend which was filmed for season five of the the show!

According to TamaraTattles Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, rumored new Housewife Kenya Moore, and even Kim attended the Jo Malone perfume event. Also there were two other rumored new RHOA contenders: Maja Sly and blogger Tami Reed from Talking With Tami.

Kim has been hinting on Twitter and everywhere else that she will be returning for season five and it seems the above attendance roster confirms most of the rumors we’ve been hearing. Namely that Bravo is looking to hire both a new tall (Kenya) and a new small (yet unchosen). Kim has also been hinting that her spinoff may be a permanent addition to the Bravo roster.

Maja Sly, a friend of Phaedra and Kandi, was rumored to be added to last year’s cast before Marlo Hampton usurped her. Perhaps she’s getting a second chance to join the show! And just for the record – Marlo did not attend the event.

Photos from the event are below!


The hostess with the mostess! Dang, did she borrow that caftan from Dorothy Zbornak? [Photo Credit: TalkingWithTami’s Twitter]

It’s Kim! She’s taking a break from her eviction drama to sip some tea like the lady she will never be! [Photo Credit: TalkingWithTami’s Twitter]

Kandi with Tami. [Photo Credit: TalkingWithTami’s Twitter]

Cynthia with Tami [Photo Credit: TalkingWithTami’s Twitter]

NeNe with Maja Sly. Do the “very, very rich” make their dresses out of curtains? [Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes’ Twitter]

Phaedra, Kandi, and Kenya. That’s a lotta leg for Neiman’s, Kandi! [Photo Credit: Phaedra Parks’ Twitter]

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