It’s not like we’ve had high expectations, but reality television has spawned some real fashion faux pas. And sometimes that’s about the only thing real on these shows!

At least all the bad looking clothes and crazy plastic surgery and on-screen and off-screen fashion antics gives us a reason to watch.

In honor of the very badly dressed and very badly altered, Reality Tea has composed a list of some of our most memorable fashion don’ts!


Honorable Mentions: They’re worth mentioning, but it’s certainly not an honor to make this list!

Pinot. Ramona Singer & The Tale Of Too Much Pinot. A glass of vino might be relaxing, but it’s become her trademark accessory. At least the glass hides the crazy eyes! Perhaps her castmates are right – Ramona does need a make-over!

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Sheer, sequined, see-thru. J.Lo‘s nude bodysuit on American Idol. Eau de desperation? At least it was stagewear! And not, you know, grocery shopping wear!

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And now for our Top 13… 

13) Don’t Quit Your Dye Job Starring: Aubrey O’ Day Setting: Celebrity Apprentice.

Aubrey got her hair tips from Ronald McDonald. Sadly obnoxious, cheap red is not her color (or is it?). It washed her out and made her look evil shiny on national TV.

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12) And Your Little Dog Too! Starring: Lisa VanderPump as Public Enemy No. 1 Setting: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It’s 2007 and Paris Hilton called… she wants her main accessory back. Does Lisa ever leave home without her four-legged friend? I wonder if Giggy ever pees on her?

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11) Bag Lady Starring: Danielle Staub Setting: Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Reunion

Inappropriately placed hair. ‘Pay attention puh-lease – I have a weave in my bag and I’m not afraid to use it!’ Sadly, I think that head of hair is Danielle’s only friend.

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10) Disillusion Netting Starring: Jill Zarin Setting: Real Housewives of New York Season 3

Jill wanted to show off her figure skating prowess… she didn’t. And her outfit… amateur. C’mon – the Barbie on ice skates look is better suited for six-year-olds.

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9) Real Jumpsuits Of New Jersey Starring: Teresa Giudice Setting: Fabulicious: Fast & Fit book tour

There were more of these! I swear, she has one in every color of the rainbow. #Cameltoe Truthfully, Teresa needs a whole list to herself – Top 500 Teresa Fashion Disasters! We’d be here all year.

8} Indecent Uteran Exposure Starring: Bethenny Frankel Setting: Bethenny Getting Married?

Bethenny’s bridal shower attire could go from party to the delivery room no questions asked. She was 7 months pregnant, after all. We don’t need to see your mamaba jamba, mama – particularly when Bryn was thisclose from emerging out of it!

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7) His & Hers Facelifts Starring: Kris & Bruce Jenner Setting: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Don’t show your love by forcing your spouse to surgically alter their face. And does anyone else think it’s odd that these two practically have the same hairstyle? Kreepy.

6) T & A Starring: Coco Austin Setting: Twitter, Ice Loves Coco, Everywhere

Leave a little to the imagination. Don’t log into twitter on “Titty Tuesday” or “Thong Thursday” unless you are into a eye full. Literally.

[Photo Credits: Coco Austin’s Twitter]

5) Take Me Away With You Starring: Snooki Setting: Jersey Shore

Handcuffs. She got drunk, she got disorderly, she was wearing hot pink zebra print, she was arrested. A mugshot doesn’t make a good Facebook photo! Handcuffs are never a cute look. Neither is being a sloppy drunk!

4) Smoochable Starring: Taylor Armstrong  Setting: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lips By Bravo. The scariest plastic surgery on reality TV. Remember Andy Cohen‘s horrified face when Loony Lips leaned in for a kiss on WWHL? I can’t get it out of my mind!

3) Dip N’ Dick Starring: ReDICKulous and Phaedra Parks Setting: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Private Parts. Two things that don’t mix: c@ck and cocktails. When your male anatomy doubles as a cocktail stick, things are about to get hairy. Everybody knows that your private parts should, you know, stay private.

2) Don’t Be Tacky At The Wedding Starring: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Setting: Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding

We all knew it would be tacky… but a jumpsuit and a dress the size of a taffeta tent? With sideboob and cleavage galore?! Kim’s wedding attire was more My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding than blushing bride. And when everyone remembers your gaudy dress instead of your beautiful face, you know the eighties have taken over your wedding.

Surely she could have used that $150k she spent on wedding attire on a house – I mean she did just get evicted!

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Top Fashion Don’t: Kimmode Starring: Kim Kardashian Setting: The Bedroom courtesy of Vivid Entertainment.

When you wear nothing at all. When naughty bits are “leaked” and some really salacious goings-on become public konsumption, that’s just gross. Keep it kovered up and konfidential, please!

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