Oh, boy! I’ll believe it when I see it, but a scandalous new report claims Bravo is looking to axe Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino from Real Housewives of Orange County. Holy Woo-Hoos and Jesus – I don’t know what to think?!

Is there a RHOC without Vicki? Page Six seems to think so!

They report: “Bravo is looking to ax cast members from The Real Housewives of Orange County to bring in some fresh — and wealthy — talent. Sources told us Bravo execs are looking to refresh the cast the same way that it revamped the cast of its New York City franchise this season, adding three new women.”


Apparently Evolution Media (the company that produces RHOC) is circulating an email looking for  “fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes to potentially be on this series.”

A source claims Bravo hopes to replace one regular cast mate and add two other new women to the series. And the first names on the list to get cut? Vicki and Alexis! Jim Bellino has been hinting majorly that Alexis will not return next season – perhaps she already has her pink slip or perhaps she’s decided to leave. Sources claim producers are frustrated with Alexis following filming in Costa Mexico.

Sources also hinted that producers were considering asking Briana Culberson to sign on to replace Vicki. Briana and her husband Ryan have both recently stated they have no interest in appearing as regulars on the show and I believe them given that they wouldn’t even allow Bravo to film their wedding.

Bravo had no comment about the report.

Here’s my two cents: I definitely do NOT think Vicki will be fired. The drama with Brooks Ayers is huge and viewers are invested in seeing it play out. If anything, I believe that saved Vicki from getting cut. Unless Vicki refuses to cooperate with contract negotiations or wants an enormous raise, I’m pretty certain she’ll be back.

Additionally, now that Vicki has fallen out with long-time BFF Tamra Barney, viewers are invested in seeing how that develops.

And now that Tamra and Gretchen Rossi have joined ranks against Vicki there is an enormous drama that producers don’t  have to craft or fabricate. And speaking of those two, they are already poised to take down whatever newbie hops onto the cast. They certainly have a ‘with us or against us’ attitude.

Which is why I think Bravo will bring on a friend of Vicki’s to replace Alexis (who is the natural choice to leave the show.) That is all kinds of drama; Tamra being jealous and spiteful of Vicki’s new BFF, Vicki and the new person fighting Tamra and Gretchen, etc. Plus Tamra and Vicki have a business together, that coinciding with their friendship meltdown could be epic!

Heather Dubrow will try to remain a neutral third party and I believe one of the new ladies will be a friend or associate of Heather’s.

Truthfully if they are looking for wealthy and affluent, Gretchen and Tamra should be the first two to go. However, I think their decision to become the Over-the-hill Barbie dictatresses has saved them from elimination. And they’re both promising weddings and babies – Bravo thinks we love that. Also, those two are so desperate they’ll do anything to add drama.

Unfortunately, Alexis who has long been the fan laughing stock is likely leaving the show. All signs point in her direction – and she has commented repeatedly that she doesn’t enjoy filming. I’m pretty sure this is our final season of Jesus Barbie. Too bad – she added great comic relief.

[Photo Credit: BravoTV.com]



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