Brandi Gianville Equity Awards

Brandi Glanville's book Drinking & Tweeting finally hit shelves yesterday after much fanfare and promotion and it's already ranking as #13 on Amazon's Best Seller List. 

Unfortunately not all of Brandi's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars are supporting her success! “Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster have been extremely supportive,” Brandi said on New York Live. “They tweeted about it, gone to book signings, they’ve been really great.”

Surprisingly, Kim Richards has also reached out to Brandi and not only supported the book whole-heartedly, but gave her a "pep talk" about doing her book promotion! Awwwww… c'mon – that's sweet. 


Unfortunately that's where the niceties end from the ladies of RHOBH! “Not so much on the other girls,” Brandi admitted.“They haven’t said anything.”

You know they've all read it to get the insider scoop on what a twat LeAnn Rimes is… And speaking of LeAnn, she has apparently met her villainous match in Adrienne Maloof

"I honestly think that Adrienne is meaner than LeAnn,” Brandi tells Star Magazine! Thems some bold words…

Brandi also says that Paul Nassif, now divorced from Adrienne, had a real wake-up call during filming (and their acrimonious divorce!) about Adrienne's nasty behavior! “He called me after he and Adrienne split,” Brandi says. “I really do think Paul is a good guy. He is realizing what he was married to.”


Brandi doesn't end there – she says viewers will soon see what a liar Adrienne is. In next week's episode she actually admits to hiring an attorney, although in this week's Bravo blog she denies sending Brandi any formal correspondance, despite multiple sources insisting they've seen the C&D letter! 

Adrienne is a "liar about everything!" Brandi says while appearing on Good Day New York, echoing sentiments Taylor Armstrong now apparently shares

“After the first season, Adrienne tried her hardest to get me fired from the show,” Brandi reveals. "I took that very personally, and we started a little war."

That resulted in a slew of negative publicity against Brandi from Camp Adrienne, mainly insulting her mothering. Adrienne continues to deny it, even though Brandi claims she has proof of where it came from. 

Brandi says she's still barred from discussing Adrienne's surrogacy for fear of more lawyer fees. “I can’t say," she confesses of the infamous bleeped out word that caused all the problems. "I wish I could, but the lawyers got involved, and I’m not allowed to say what I said.”

Brandi insists that the only reason she shared it in the first place was to demonstrate Adrienne's dishonesty. Unfortunately she shared it with the wrong crowd! 

“I just wanted to show she [Adrienne] was a liar about everything," Brandi maintains. "I wanted to discredit her and without saying she tried to get me fired from the show and that I was a bad mother.”

As for where things stand with Adrienne today, "It's not that comfortable," Brandi discloses.

Adrienne better watch it – she'll be the subject of Brandi's next book: Drinking While Filming: The Tale Of Brandi Glanville's Big Mouth! Hey – you know you'd read it. In fact, I really want to! 

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