MTV certainly didn't give us the opportunity to miss the girls of Teen Mom 2, did they?  Just last week, Dr. Drew Pinsky had his regular sit-down with Leah Messer Simms Calvert, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry.  While all the moms seemed to be in a better place when speaking with Drew (well, maybe not Leah's love triangle), they quickly remind us that the moments of normalcy and good decisions are fleeting with this bunch. 

Let's get started with the stupidity, shall we?  Chelsea's friend comes by to visit, and Chelsea whines that her IUD fell out the other day when she was going to the bathroom.  TMI.  Her friend inquires as to whether Chelsea saw her doctor, but Chelsea didn't have time…Adam came over to see her for the first time in ages.  Not shockingly, they pair ends up getting it on…sans condom, of course.  Don't worry, y'all.  She won't get pregnant because he pulled out before finishing.  TMITMITMITMI!!!!  I wonder how she thinks Aubree came to be…Her friend urges her to make better choices, and Chelsea whines that she doesn't have her normal "giddy for Adam" feelings.  That's definitely something to be proud of as you await your period, moron!

At least Kailyn is making better choices, right?  Oh wait…no.  She gets upset that Jo's girlfriend is over at his house when she drops off Isaac, and she and Jo get into a physical altercation that ends with her filing for a temporary order of protection from abuse.  Violence is not the answer, but I will never understand her double standard of allowing Javi around Isaac after one date while Jo's serious girlfriend is a problem.  Kailyn's friend Mark (who is totally in love with her) comes over to hear her story.  Mark tries to give her some sound advice, but she won't listen.  I can't believe the language she uses in front of her son.  Kailyn explains that she'll have temporary full custody until their hearing in two weeks.  Mark just seems totally befuddled at his friend's behavior.


Jenelle has started to dating Gary Head (for the first time), and she's moving into a new house with a new friend.  She reveals that she and Barbara are getting along very well, and Gary likes Jenelle's mom a lot as well.  Jenelle hasn't smoked weed in eight months, and she is weeks away from being off of probation.  Things are really looking up for Jenelle.  Too bad we all know how this ends!

Leah's story line for the season begins with her miscarriage.  Jeremy rushes home to be with his fiance.  He really is a stand-up guy, and watching him comfort Leah makes me feel even worse for him on the recent mid-season reunion. 


Barbara and Jace meet with Jenelle for lunch.  She wants her mom to see her new house, and she's hopeful that Barbara will be open to Jace having over night visits.  Barbara is happy to have Jace spend more time with Jenelle as long as she isn't partying, and she is impressed with her daughter's new digs. 

I know you'll be surprised to learn that Adam hasn't talked to Chelsea since the pair hooked up, and he brags about the sexy session to his friends over some drinks.  Adam is glad that he and Chelsea are getting along, but he jokes that he'll never get back together with her because she's cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  When asked if the couple was smart enough to use protection, Adam replies "sort of."  What an idiot.  Adam's friend reminds him that he got his kid thanks to the fail safe pull out method.  Geez.

Kailyn is finishing up her semester and starting a new job at the mall.  She's very stressed about everything with Jo, and she hasn't had much time for Javi.  Over dinner, Jo is relaying the story of the fateful fight to his dad.  Jo shares that Kailyn swung at him and punched him repeatedly after he told him that she always had Javi around her son.  He only pushed her hands away as hit him.  Jo's dad thinks that Kailyn's jealousy is a huge problem, made even worse by the fact that Jo doesn't seem bothered by her relationship with Javi.  Jo admits that Javi being around Isaac does bother him, but he's not going to fight in front of his son about it. 


Corey and Leah's twins are just too cute…and Ali looks jut like Corey.  Leah's friend Kayla comes over to support her friend, and Leah has decided to get back on her IUD.  She isn't ready to start a family with Jeremy if she has such strong feelings for Corey. 

Jenelle's friend Tori drops a bomb on her friend as she's making some hamburger helper.  Kieffer's out of jail!  Jenelle hopes that Kieffer keeps his distance, and she believes that Gary is a better fit for her.  Tori seems a tad miffed that her attempt to stir the pot didn't get the reaction she wanted.

Chelsea is shopping for beauty school supplies with another friend.  She fills in her friend about the details of Adam's recent vision, all while Aubree sits in the backseat.  Don't these girls realize that their kids are sponges at this age?  Chelsea recognizes that she doesn't always make the smartest choices, but she does know she's not ready to be a mom again. 

After the initial devastation of the miscarriage, Leah wants things to slow down with Jeremy.  She shares her concerns with Jeremy, and it is nice to see that she's able to communicate with him.  She wants to hold off on planning the wedding and focus on the twins. 

Javi comes by for the first time in a while, and MTV expects us to believe that this is the first time he's hearing about Kailyn's fight with Jo.  She seems very disconnected and numb as she tells Javi that she just hopes she and Jo can be civil and do what's best for Isaac.  She doesn't think that the temporary order is going to cause Jo to do something rash to retaliate.  No, that's more Kailyn's style, isn't it? 


We're later treated to a quick clip between commercials of a precious Aubree practicing animal sounds. I think Chelsea should be thanking her lucky stars she isn't repeating other things she's heard recently!  Chelsea is starting beauty school, and she's sad about sending Aubree to day care.  She's also trying to take her mind off of the fact that she could be pregnant.  Chelsea still hasn't talked to Adam, and she tells a friend that she's finally getting over him.


Jenelle is shocked to hear that Kieffer has been texting Gary saying that he wants to get in touch with Jenelle.  Kieffer promises that he just wants to talk, and Gary is welcome to listen in on their conversation.  He refuses to tell Gary how he got his number, and Jenelle is equally confused as to who would know both Gary and Kieffer.  She assures Gary that she loves him and wants nothing to do with Kieffer.  Jenelle suggests that Gary change his phone number. 

Jo calls his girlfriend to tell her that he was served with a protection from abuse order, and he's very upset about it.  He warns his girlfriend that he's going to need her support as things get harder and more complicated with Kailyn.

Leah and Corey are meeting to trade the girls.  He asks if she's as sick with this pregnancy as she was with the twins.  She reveals that she miscarried, and he tells her he's here for her.  They then have an entire conversation about their inability to move on from one another without making any sort of eye contact.  Corey sums up the entire show season series franchise when he says, "We're so freakin' immature."  Truer words, dear Corey, truer words.  Leah then professes her love for Corey even though she's engaged.  Corey feels guilty about their chat because Jeremy is such a nice guy.  He's clearly not ready to make any sort of commitment to Leah.  Tears ensue…just like always. 

This season, Gary proposes, and Javi moves in with KailynLeah and Corey continue with the back-and-forth, and Jenelle accuses Gary of sleeping with her roommate.  Kieffer enters stage left and convinces Jenelle to fall off the wagon with him, and Barbara is in tears with worry over her daughter's hard core drug use.  Kailyn gets violent with Javi during a fight (pattern?) before marrying him and promising to take Isaac to wherever he is based.  Jeremy and Leah also wed, and she and Corey deal with more of Ali's health issues.  Whew. 


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