Yesterday night Melissa Gorga was on WWHL. There she was cross-examined about the myriad of rumors that are her life. They don't call it six degrees of Melissa Gorga for nothing!

Among the allegations Melissa has been hit with on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey was a cheating scandal concerning her ex-boyfriend Bryan. A few episodes back Melissa's former BFFL Jan met up with Kim D where she dropped a salacious bomb about what Melissa was doing early in her marriage to Poison. Here's a hint: she wasn't doing Poison! 

Melissa denied it of course, and blamed Teresa Giudice for spreading rumors. Last night she denied it again and accused Jan of being after camera time. Aren't they all! 

Our source chimed in to allege that Melissa is telling tall tales and Teresa is definitely not out to get her! 


"Melissa is so wrong about Teresa being the one out to get her. The people out there are her ex-friends and boyfriends who are so sick of her BS and fake image she tries to portray on RHONJ," our source tells us about the rumors.

"Melissa's past would really make your head spin. She was with a lot of men from the same group and they all take about their wild past about her. It's the Bayonne, NJ bad boys who have a lot to say, NOT Teresa! "

Melissa also denied a nose job (which c'mon!). "She DID have a nose job! Her plastic surgeon is the same one Kathy [Wakile] used," our source reveals.

"Melissa's ex-trainer trained her at home and her nose was wrapped up from surgery when she went to go train her," our source describes. "Melissa also gets fillers in her face and her lips!" 


And finally, when asked about the scene where Gia was applying enough makeup to be RHONJ housewife, Melissa said she would never let Antonia wear makeup. First of all Antonia is several years younger than Gia, but still I wouldn't let my 12-year-old wear that much makeup. 

"When asked about her daughter wearing makeup she said she wouldn't allow it on her daughter. Funny, since I have been in her company and Antonia wears blush, lipstick, and always has her nails painted," our source recalls. "She wants to portray this image that is SO fake." 

I guess if you're gonna lie and be fake, one should look good doing it. And Melissa's J.Faux act certainly succeeds at that! 

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