Aaahhhh… I love it when a good reality TV drama spills over into the real world! As is the case with NeNe Leakes and her wedding planner for a minute Tiffany Cook

This week on I Dream Of NeNe we all saw what looked like an inept wedding planner badly boggling NeNe and Gregg's re-wedding of the century. Of course NeNe had to keep the lady in check by firing her a$$. Bloop! TIffany fired back however – with a lawsuit. Among the allegations she makes is that NeNe and the network used her to create controversy for the show and that she was nothing but professional and competent. I believe it! 

In her Bravo blog, NeNe discusses the Tiffany situation and continues to complain about her "bridemaid-zillas". "The Wedding Planner: I don't have much to say about this, because what you saw is what it is!," NeNe snaps. "If you are following the blogs, you should know that Tiffany Cook is suing me! Blank stare! OK, now moving on!" 


NeNe says she opted to go with Tony Conway after Cynthia Bailey recommended him. Did he plan Cynthia's museum monstrosity with the aluminum foil dress wedding?

"We have finally found someone that is willing to do the wedding planning and take some of the pressure off of me, which I thought was the whole purpose of hiring a planner!" NeNe writes. "Tony totally impressed me, Gregg, and our creative director, Marlo [Hampton]!" Marlo as creative director? Mmmmkay. Check her charges! Meaning check them on the Aaamex, not on, although they're there too! 

"We totally connected with him! He was professional, on time for our meeting, didn't chew gum, didn't curse at me, and even set up a room with various wedding decor for me to look at," NeNe says lavishing Tony with praise. 

Now onto those bride-maids from hell! "I'll take the blame! I chose these girls, but I didn't choose their attitudes!"

"Diana, Lexis, and Marlo are all at each other's throats for reasons I barely even know! I do know I’m caught in the middle. I also know I’m the bride and these ladies should have respect for that alone!"

"At this point they have agreed to kiss, hug, dance, makeup, and move on for the sake of me and the wedding," NeNe reminds us. "Let's see how long that last! My fingers are crossed!" Can NeNe cross her fingers with FIFTEEN CARATS worth of diamonds as she likes to remind us. 

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