Amanda Markert is not happy over the unwanted media attention that Pauly D has brought her way since he shared that he's the father of Amanda's daughter, Amabella.  The mother of his child took to Twitter to share her frustration over all that has transpired this week and it sounds like Pauly is the one reveling in all the press coming his way.  I mean, he certainly hasn't been on our radar since Jersey Shore came to an end…

Amanda defended herself, sharing that the only person she told about her baby's paternity is Pauly himself.  He's the one who ran to TMZ, etc, to give them the headlines and drag her through the mud.  Pauly's even now claiming that Amanda is using him for fame.  But if you read this woman's Twitter (which is now protected), she does not want any part of the spotlight. 


Amanda wrote, "Looks like any chances of utilizing my degree towards a positive career and future for my kids is now ruined bc of the media. I kept this a secret from everyone BUT him for a reason, the best interests of my children. It's not my fault he told." 

Amanda ended up trying to set the story straight with an interview with TMZ yesterday, but they're back at it with sharing Pauly's rants and attempts to make her look bad again today. Amanda shares that she did not get paid for the interview.  "The interview I did only, to defend myself, was not compensated!"

Amanda says that she never brought up that Pauly had texted her asking her to get an abortion.  He told the press about it.  "And the 'texts' were NEVER brought up by me. He told media that too. And who gets hurt out of all the negative he has put out there? The baby girl. And when she reads about her father wanting her aborted, it's going to damage her little heart. Stop putting negative out there! For the sake of the little girl." 

She also shares that she did not post the photos of their baby for the sake of the press (and she has since made her Instagram private)  "The pictures of my children out there were stolen from my social media sites, which I keep in touch with friends and family."

She lamented this morning about how negatively this affecting her every day life, "I can't even walk my son to the bus stop now because people are out there taking pictures. Worst week of my life. God give me strength."

You can usually get a feeling/vibe really quickly if someone is out to get some press attention and fifteen minutes of fame, but I don't get that from Amanda AT ALL.  And we here at Reality Tea know the classic symptoms of famewhore-itis, we're practically experts in diagnosing it. 

I know we usually major in snark around here, but as a "regular person" myself, I'm sad for Amanda and her kids. She's been under fire and under intense scrutiny and hasn't wanted this attention and now her life is forever changed because of a stupid one night stand in Vegas.  And celebrity or not, Pauly could've kept this private between the two of them. And it's not like she has publicists, media contacts and attorney's at her fingertips like he does…

If she suddenly announces she's writing a tell-all book, releasing a fragrance or launching a music career, I'll take it all back and admit I was wrong, but for now, I think she's just a "regular girl" who got knocked up by someone famous who is trying to make her look like some sort of "Hooters whore" now.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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