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Here’s What You Might Have Missed On Social Media This Week

Hello, hello! Here we are – another week, another social media roundup. Between the Selena Gomez and Hailey Beiber drama and yes, even weeks later I am still in the grips of Pedro Pascal edits (can’t stop, won’t stop), Real Housewives social media is still giving. The Bravo headlines are being dominated by more pressing matters, but we still need some fluff. Let’s jump in.

Yuck Of The Irish

Ok, I’m going to need Dolores Catania to cool it. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has long suffered in the love department. But her incessant gushing over Irish boyfriend Paul Connell is getting to be a bit much.

Dolo, who has yet to present a storyline that doesn’t revolve around a man, even worked this season’s tagline to be about him. “This Jersey girl has the luck of the Irish and nobody’s screwing with my pot of gold,” she proclaims. We get it, he’s Buzz Lightyear Irish and you are in love.

The two regularly post lovey-dovey content about one another on Instagram, but Dolo’s latest post takes the cake. Or the shamrock, if you will. Featuring a picture of Paul from the RHONJ boys’ calendar shoot (which is a crime in itself), Dolores gushed about him some more. “Happy March. Wishing everyone the luck of the Irish from me and my @paul_g_connell. She tagged a few people to thank and ended by addressing Paul as the “leprechaun that stole my heart.”

Dolo also added a link to plug the calendar and SIX photos of Paul during his shoot. I haven’t even posted six pictures of my husband in total, let alone in one post.

Before you accuse me of being a hater, I am happy Dolores has found a man so devoted to her. And that she seems to truly love. But yeah, I don’t need to be accosted with a green shiny- vested Paul every time I see her account. And if they break up, it’s going to be a real pain to delete all these pics.

Anyway, I might have to unfollow her by St. Patrick’s Day if she’s going to keep this up. Much like a pint of Guinness, I can only take so much.

Your Weekly Gorga

It’s been really hard for me not to feature Joe Gorga’s social media posts every week. Because you guys, they are just so….incredibly dumb. Last week, Joestradamus brought us a scientific wisecrack to ponder.

This week, he’s back with more shade and another head-scratching message. Posting a picture of himself pointing right at the camera, he added some text. Classic Gorga! But I will say as a side note, Joe’s pictures are getting better. I was wondering how long he was going to recycle a picture of himself lounging in the sun with his shirt off in front of a well-placed cactus.

Anyway, the text reads, “Make sure everyone in your ‘boat’ is rowing and not drilling holes when you’re not looking. Know your circle.” He then captioned the cryptic message, “Who could it be?” I don’t know, can you just tell us already? One user shared my sentiment and commented, “For the love of God, please stop.” I love a simple read.

Either way, I have questions. Why does Joe use so many nautical analogies? Does wifey Melissa Gorga helps him craft these gems? Who took the updated pictures of him? Finally, when will it stop?

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The Countess Keeps On Serving *BLEEEEP*

So I am just learning now that former? Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps recently went viral amongst the youth. After she did a Cameo for a fan in October of last year, her uncharacteristic sign-off spawned many tweets and now, a remix!

At the end of the Cameo, Lu told her fan, “Keep on serving c—.” Ma’am!? Luann has gone from Class With The Countess to Potty Mouth With The Housewife. And you know what, I’m not mad. Yes, it’s a controversial word, but it’s like the opposite of “you don’t support other women!” Telling someone to “keep on serving c—” has the ultimate “I support other women” vibes!

Now Lu has taken the cheeky audio to the next level – with a remix of course. Cue the club siren! TikTok content creator @TKyle is responsible for the banger, which Luann posted while featuring a mashup of some of her best moments. Smizing at the camera, lounging on a speed boat, and most fittingly, busting into Andrew Lloyd Webber’s DJ booth.

Not gonna lie, this song is a hit. Likely on TikTok only, but it’s nice to see Luann embracing her carefree side. And for making C you next Tuesday less crass and more fun. Erika Jayne’s necklace wishes. Speaking of Erika….

The Topless Mess

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ resident dead-behind-the-eyes star Erika is known for her controversial Instagram posts. She loves a cryptic message, along with booty shots and highly filtered selfies.

While Erika may have stopped posting and deleting commentary on her legal woes, she’s not above being messy. And her kitchen isn’t either. The hair extension saleswoman posted a picture to her Instagram, where she sports what I’m hoping is her own creation while she sits topless in her kitchen.

The pin-straight blonde extensions, along with her hands, are covering up her bewbs, but what could not be covered is the absolute chaos on the countertops behind her. While she preens for the camera, all I can see is the massive pileup of makeup, hair products, and Starbucks cups cluttering her kitchen. And the coupe de grâce of the picture – a giant power cord dangling next to her Keurig, ruining the right side of her shot. It’s all I can see.

Why she chose this picture to post for all to see is puzzling. And she added a signature vague caption, which read, “tell em I said hi.” Who? Your housekeeper? Because clearly, you haven’t greeted them in a while. But I’m not surprised after seeing Erika’s garbage can, which still has me shook.

I’m not here to shame the cleanliness of the counters. But I am here to dunk on Erika about her mess because I think she’s a terrible person. Which has nothing to do with her kitchen and everything to do with her personality. And knowing that her messes aren’t pretty gives me a little smirk. Because nothing says “it’s expensive to be me” like your glam squad having to fight for elbow space with your blender.

See you next week, readers!

[Photo Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images]