Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards

I don't even know what to say about this so I'm just gonna report the information and let y'all brilliant readers have your way with it. 

Kim Richards is all riled up because Lisa Vanderpump RSVP'd no her daughter's graduation party and then… wait for it: didn't show up! But she sent a gift. #Witch Now she has declared war on her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate!

Kim is able to forgive Brandi Glanville for calling her a meth addict on national TV and telling people she pooped on her pillow, but not forgive Lisa for decorum and the truth came out on twitter! Kim is now Brandi's friend and Brandi and Lisa are now NOT friends. In fact, according to the wisdom of Kingsley Kim, everything bad that has ever happened on RHOBH like in the history of the show is ALL LISA'S FAULT. 

A viewer recently tweeted Kim warning her about trusting Brandi, stating: "Look what she did to Lisa." and Kim responded with, “What did Brandi do to her? I KNOW!! Brandi says stupid things things!! But … I PROMISE U!! EVERYTHING LISA DOES IS FOR A REASON!! …..NEVER JUST BECAUSE SHE LOVES ❤U" Basically it's the same old-same old "playing chess" nonsense that Kyle Richards has been spewing for ever. 


Kim continued, "I knowwww! But LOOK!! What Lisa had done to ALL OF USS!!? My sister.. Brandi? Adrienne? Cedric? Camille? Me?" What exactly did Lisa do to Adrienne Maloof or Camille Grammer? Or Kyle? Or Brandi?! Please… enlighten me, Kim. But alas, Kim's enlightenment is as pure as a bottle of Febreeze. "IT'S ALL LISA'S FAULT!" Kim insists. 

As for Brandi, Kim explains that she has definitely moved on and considers her a friend. "I know she says things she shouldn't!! She DID IT TO ME! But I LOVE HER! I see the good her.. She's been hurt!"

Lisa is well aware of Kim's wrath. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.20.17 PM

When will these women learn that Brandi is always looking for someone to do her bidding and fight her battles. 

You know, IF Lisa truly is playing chess than damn that woman is good. I mean she is skilled beyond belief and I need to take lessons, cause she never misses a beat. At this point even if she is the most manipulative wench on the West Coast, I gotta give her props and serious adulation for not playing the game, being the game – hell, inventing the game!  Haters gonna hate, so play on. And the rest of you: go do some splits in a caftan. 

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