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With the insane season finale of Vanderpump Rules revealing a salacious "banging" and a ton of lies, Stassi Schroeder says that she fled the toxicity of SUR and moved to New York City where she now lives with her new boyfriend Patrick. 

Stassi shockingly expresses no desire to return to the show which made her mean girl ways infamous. Stassi no longer works at SUR, of course, and because duh! she's so much more special than just being the princess of cocktail slinging! 

"I just realized that my life was just so toxic. Like, everything was so toxic. No one was a good friend, besides Katie [Maloney], obviously," Stassi reveals to Hollywood Life about her decision to quit. "I just needed to take myself out of that environment. I can’t be a waitress forever. Come on, eventually we were all going to start moving on." That does not confirm that she's leaving reality TV behind!


"We don't even have a season three, so I can't even answer that," Stassi teases of a potential return. "I don't talk to anyone besides Katie and Tom Schwartz. I don't know what I would… do. I have nothing left to give." Interesting! 

As for the rest of the cast, Stassi says she has no ill will towards Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor, she just pretty much hates them! 

"I don't talk to him [Jax]," Stassi reveals "We don't have any communication…I cut him out of my life," she tells OK Magazine. As for Kristen, “I don’t understand her at all; I never will.”

Stassi says she is "really sad" about Tom Sandoval, however, because she feels like they were in the same boat. "I don't understand why he has anger, or hatred, or animosity towards me. He blames me for everything that's happened between him and Kristen. " 

"Kristen is someone who I know has always cheated – that's nothing new. I think she just needs to feel wanted by… everyone. She needs to feel like she can get every man." Stassi says it was the motive behind the hookup with Jax that she is truly upset about. "If they had feelings for each other and they, you know, realized that and wanted to be with each other and Kristen came to me and said that, I would have supported that!  But the fact that it was just mindless hooking up… It's like your friends aren't worth anything to you?" 

Stassi's mind is truly blown by the level of "friend betrayal" from Kristen. "I'm so thankful that I found out – I would have just gone on being friends with her for the next ten years plus of my life and never have known that she's actually an evil person." 

"It's not the actual hooking up with Jax – it's the lying. And making me feel like I was crazy … ," Stassi adds. "For her to be sitting there and just smiling and lying to my face…" 

"I wasn't hurt by Jax because I didn't have feelings for him," Stassi explains. "I needed him to keep telling the truth. I had to manipulate him!" 

All very interesting stuff – I cannot imagine this show without Stassi. This upcoming week is the reunion where Stassi discusses her move to NYC and why she left SUR. I can't wait! 

True confession time: I have a friend that personally knows Stassi's boyfriend and has met her a couple times while she was still living in LA. She said in real life Stassi was super sweet and never even mentioned being on a reality show, although she did talk about working at SUR. My friend was actually shocked when she saw Stassi on the show because she acted so differently. So, perhaps SUR and the relationships she formed there really were toxic. Or you know, Stassi makes really good first impressions. 😉 

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