I remember hearing that Lisa Vanderpump was going to get the bad edit (the "Camille" if you will) this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I thought to myself, "How is that even a possibility?" Well, Brandi Glanville has certainly done her best (with the help of old Kyle "Splits" Richards) to paint Lisa as some sort of brain melding, manipulative evil genius.  And guess, what? It totally backfired. I don't know about you, but to me, the only thing more vanderfabulous than a flawless Lisa is a flawless Lisa who needs a hug because she's human and has hurt feelings thanks to horrible friends. 

Even Yolonda Foster (who is her own brand of lemony perfection), has been giving Lisa the side-eye, but it's all incredibly unwarranted. What did Lisa do to any of these ladies besides throw glamorous parties and have a biting sense of humor? They probably hate Giggy, too. Imbeciles. Lisa doesn't even retaliate in her RHOBH blog, which is pretty much the standard place for the ladies' usual passive aggression. This week, she just sounds so defeated. In her Bravo blog, Lisa begins, "And here we are again. Another week has flown by."


Discussing Carlton Gebbia's party, Lisa writes, "I arrived at Stockcross impressed by what was a wonderful party. There was much of it you didn't see…I met Carlton's family — a father-in-law that adored her, a mother-in-law to whom she is very close. That speaks volumes about a woman that I don't think the audience has had a chance to see," adding, "It seemed to me that a situation had escalated rather rapidly between Kyle and Carlton and I understood Carlton being upset at the negative label that was thrown at her, it was totally unwarranted. However, I had to defend Kyle at that moment as I felt Carlton had called it wrong. Carlton is is adamant she has Kyle's number,that she has her reasons for her intense dislike of her. You yourselves will have to decide."

Lisa also touches on YoFo's comment regarding the joint birthday party with Kyle, explaining, "I don't think Yolanda quite understood the situation. Yes, Kyle and I had words last reunion about our house being sold…but that is the purpose of that day — to hash things out, explore feelings and come to a resolution so that you can move forward.Ken’s birthday, July 20th, fell on a Saturday. Kyle and I had spoken that week and I relayed that to her. She then mentioned that Mauricio's birthday had passed without celebration so, as they have always liked each other, we decided to host a joint party. So of course the 20th was the day we wanted to celebrate, not postpone our celebration because David's daughter (who we really don't know) was getting married. We weren't invited, nor should we have been, and had no idea of the timing of the event. However, I of course extended the invitation to Mohamed as he is one of my closest friends. I don't understand the need for the negative comment…once more."

It seems the only highlight in the episode for Lisa was her photo shoot, and I would have made out with Jax Taylor for her coat (yeah, no, but I did covet it). She blogs, "On a lighter note I absolutely loved the cover shoot, it was a wonderful day. The photographs were beautiful. I had a brilliant team and photoshop to thank for that! But yes, it was a light reprieve from the mundanity of work, and it's moments like this that are captured that remind me of why I signed up for this in the first place. Not all this constant negative B.S."

Watching one of her closest friends talk behind her back wasn't easy either. Lisa admits, "When I witness Brandi talking to Kyle I find it so upsetting. I wish Kyle had questioned Brandi's motive for that conversation, or even uttered a word in my defense. It is pretty devastating to view this person that we have loved and trusted trying to malign me," concluding, "And on it goes…I give up I really do. It has been devastating and it gets increasingly hard to watch. I have tried to be a friend to all. I thank you for your support and comments until next week."

I feel really bad for Lisa, but I know she's going to come out on top. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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