Luann de Lesseps and niece Nicole

Luann de Lesseps still has one more Real Housewives Of New York reunion to survive, but she is beyond over the drama of this season. 

Part two of the reunion delved into everything from Dorinda Medley‘s relationship and drinking, to Ramona Singer going through The Change – you know her new beginning, and of course all the nonsense with Carole Radziwill regarding Adam. Giving her opinion while she’s not being shouted down by a Housewives Chorus of Harridans (of which she is sometimes the leading soprano), Luann dishes on the drama via her Bravo blog. 

“As you can see, we girls are having a hard time forgiving and forgetting!Luann begins. And yes, you ‘girls’ are! 


Andy starts by bringing up the Carole/Adam thing, and Carole admits had she known how upset my niece was at the time, she would have thought twice about dating my niece’s ex-boyfriend. In retrospect, I should have been more vocal about what was happening, because as a result, my niece was very upset with me,” Luann admits. “Again, I’ve wished them both well, and I’m beyond ready to move on. For the time being, our friendship is on rocky terrain, and you’ll have to tune in next week to see if the road gets even rougher for us.” 

Discussing Dorinda and John’s tempestuous relationship, Luann shares that everyone has since accepted John and gotten over some of their preconceived judgements. “When the season began, some of the girls had a problem with John’s personal space issues, including him ‘copping a feel’ whenever he had the opportunity. Yet, as the season progressed, and we got to know him better, our affection for him grew.”

“He’s a man who loves women (nothing wrong with that), and he loves Dorinda, and she loves him,” adds Luann. “Ultimately, it’s Dorinda’s relationship, and if she doesn’t care what we think, all the better for her.”

Luann’s judgement gets a little cloudy when it comes to the drama between Heather and Dorinda, however. “The FU dinner came up, and as you can see, Heather can be opinionated while Dorinda tends to be more open-minded. That night, Dorinda mixed exhaustion with martinis and her ‘sensitive’ side emerged! I think there is hope for Dorinda and Heather’s relationship, and maybe a long walk in the Berkshires woods is just what they need to mend their friendship.” 

“I thought it was interesting that Andy said we were all more sexually comfortable this season,” continues Luann. “I was glad to hear that Bethenny is dating again and that she is seeing men who value her privacy. As for Ramona, she’s sticking to her story that she doesn’t sleep around, although I hope for her that she occasionally takes a lover and goes to confession afterward.” 

 Despite everyone’s argument that Ramona is still Ramona, Luann has seen a positive change in her friend and divorce is doing a gal good! “At the end of last season while Ramona was reeling from the breakup of her marriage, she tried to respect Mario’s wishes by not revealing what led to their divorce. Mario may blame this show for his marital problems, but I think the mistress might have had something to do with it,” defends Luann.

“I felt for Ramona when she shared that she surprised Mario and his lady friend in Southampton and then lied about needing her contacts. I guess she chose the high road then and there, and she’s stuck to it since,” expresses Luann. “When I revealed that I never liked Mario especially after his snarky comment about me, you could see in Ramona’s facial expression that she is still loyal to him on some level. I hope that they can remain friends for the sake of their daughter.” 

However, Luann totally sees Bethenny’s perspective that Ramona hasn’t changed TOO much! On some level, she’ll always be Ramona. “I think Bethenny is right about Ramona, and I’ve seen positive changes in her since her breakup. Will she ever admit to filching a couple of dresses…NO! Is she sincere every time she apologizes…nope. Is she more sensitive and authentic…YES, but she still has the Singer Stinger that comes out when she’s backed into a corner,” agrees Luann. “It’s hard for a leopardess to change her spots, and life is a journey. As long as we are moving forward, we are doing alright.”

Weighing in on her own love life, although being single is fun, Luann would love to find a more committed relationship. Probably best to stay out of bathrooms then… Speaking of which, Luann insists “Eric” was just being gentlemanly when he escorted her to the ladies room. “I’ve been divorced for some time now and while this Cool Countess (à la Bethenny) enjoys being single, I would love to find Mr. Right; it just hasn’t happened yet. Eric and I see each other on occasion, but since the show aired, he’s moved out of New York City. I know that it would have been much more scandalous had I taken Eric into the restroom, but he was simply being a gentleman by escorting me through the crowd.”

Luann also reveals that her son Noelle, the one Carole was taking dating advice from earlier in the season, has left for college this week, which means Luann is officially an empty nester! Whatever will she do with her time? There’s always singing, I suppose.

Bethenny post-RHONY reunionSharing her own recap of the RHONY reunion, Bethenny added this hilarious photo on instagram. “This was me after the #RHONY​ reunion. #crystalmethwouldvebeenmorerelaxing,” she joked. [Credit: Instagram]

And tonight is the final installment of the three-part reunion. Luann and Carole will battle to the death of dignity and Ramona will officially pass out from the boredom of it all. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us!

By the way, the above photo is of Luann and her infamous niece Nicole. I guess she’s gotten over Adam (everyone has except Carole, apparently!) 


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