carole radziwill and heather thomson

The Real Housewives of New York stars Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson were guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. They talked about tonight’s episode, including the unattended naked man and more.  Carole slipped some tea about the reunion taping, revealing that Luann was nasty at the reunion and even lunged at her!

Carole’s reaction to Bethenny saying she was Heather’s pet: “I didn’t like that.  I just thought it was so stupid.”  Heather says they’re friends, not each other’s pets.

Andy plays clips of Dorinda Medley going off on Heather during the trip and says he still doesn’t think he knows what those fights were even about.  Neither does Heather.  “I still don’t.  And when she takes to Twitter, she’s really mean and says silly things that really have no..  it’s like batshit Dorinda. On camera she’s one person, off camera she’s another person.  I enjoy her, I enjoyed our time in the Berkshires.  She says she has this pure love for me but I don’t really see it on the show so much.  I don’t know what to say too much more about it.”

Carole says they don’t feel that they broke the girl code.  “We were just upset that we found some naked guy in our room.”  Heather adds, “the music was blaring at 3:30 in the morning, the house was pumping and nobody cared.  They can have people in the house, just keep them with you! If they were in the bed with them, I would’ve been like ‘yo’.”  Andy asks if they feel they overreacted.  Heather says, “I don’t feel I overreacted.  I think the tears came from being startled.  I was really like at the end of the trip, I was tired, I woke up in the morning, went to the bathroom, brush my teeth, walk through the bedroom with the doors open and there’s a strange naked guy there.  I was like ‘really?’.  Carole adds that it had been five nights of being kept up late.

They talk about Luann spilling her own beans and that she was trying hard to divert from the fact that this guy was married.  Heather says she doesn’t try to judge others and live and let live, but don’t leave the remnants of it in her room!

Andy wants to get this guy on the reunion.  Carole and Heather share that the men were from Scotland, so Andy wants to know if the Real Housewives airs in Scotland.  He finds out during the break that the show does air in the UK, six months later than here.  So, six months from now this guy’s wife may be in for a surprise…

A caller asks them how they feel about Ramona Singer constantly apologizing but never really seeming to be held accountable.  “She is the apologizer.  I think what Bethenny said was perfect and it’s hard to stay mad at Ramona, it really is.  I don’t know what is.  It’s like if she was the superhero that would be her talent, you can’t stay mad at her. She really does apologize for everything.”  But then she goes off and does it again.  Carole says, “I think she’s kind of learning from her mistakes.”  She thinks Ramona’s apologies are a little more genuine than they were in the past.

A fan asks why Heather feels the need to kiss Bethenny’s ass. “I don’t think I kiss Bethenny’s ass.”  She thinks it’s the nurturing side of her.  And Carole doesn’t think that either.  Heather says “I was just being myself.”

A caller asks if Carole is still with Adam and she says yes (he’s in the audience on WWHL) and they’re having fun and it’s “not much more complicated than that.”

Andy asks if Heather is ever wrong.  She says she’s wrong all the time and admits it.

Carole on her friendship status with Luann, “We’re not friends at all, to be honest.  I’ve seen her one time since we stopped filming and she got very ugly at the reunion. She lunged at me.”  This is going to be one wild reunion show! 

Tonight’s Poll Question: Did Heather and Carole break the girl code?  51% said yes.

On the After Show they’re asked what they think about the addition of Bethenny and Dorinda and they both agree that they’re good on the show.

A caller asks if they agree that Kristen is a shit-stirrer but Heather and Carole disagree and feel Kristen has been a punching bag this season. 


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