Meghan King Edmonds isn’t letting the threat of a potential lawsuit stop her! Last week Brooks Ayers revealed he sent Meghan a cease & desist letter warning her that if did not stop accusing him of faking cancer she would face a lawsuit, but Meghan isn’t worried.  

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star is laughing off Brooks warning. “He doesn’t have the balls to sue me,” Meghan announced.   


Meghan acknowledges she did get the C&D letter, but says that still doesn’t concern her because Brooks doesn’t have a legitimate case. Meghan explains the letter demanded she “comply with his [Brooks] requests, including one to issue a formal public apology.” 

“I didn’t respond on purpose,” Meghan flippantly told People.

“He’s full of crap and doesn’t have a case,” added Meghan. “He knows he’s a liar and he’s pissed off at me and made a feeble attempt to intimidate me into not talking. When really, it’s so ridiculous I simply laughed it off.” 

In the meantime, since Meghan doesn’t have a job and has solved case of Brooks‘ cancer (Truth! Justice!), she’s just biding her time. Meghan explained, “I am waiting patiently on my official documents that I’m being sued.”

Meghan Edmonds FBI Hat

“I take my work very seriously. be afraid, be very afraid! thank you @adamkarpel for this awesome hat! #investigator #truthandjustice #thetruthwillsetyoufree #truth The truth always comes out, I just might help shoush it out a lil bit” [Credit: Instagram]

Meghan continued to defend herself on twitter, “I got the info without breaking any laws, didn’t I? Completely ethical& legal;maturity has nothing to do w it.” She also blamed her investigating on Vicki Gunvalson because Vicki wouldn’t be Meghan’s “cancer alley” (I assume Meghan meant “ally”.). Meghan also believes she’ll be back next season. 

Brooks has not responded. Please don’t so we can stop talking about this!  

Anyone else find Meghan is so arrogant and obnoxious! Seriously – I can’t take her anymore. Imagine trying to get your 15 minutes gloaming onto Brooks!

Also, this reminds me of a certain former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star who laughed off threats of a smelly vagina lawsuit… 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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