Meghan King Edmonds Covers GEV Magazine; Praises RHOC Co-Stars For Being Smart, Respectful, And For Sharing Their Unique Story!

Meghan King Edmonds on GEV Magazine

Meghan King Edmonds took time out of her busy schedule to play model! The new and intrepid Real Housewives Of Orange County star posed for Gastonomique En Vogue Magazine and opened up about what it was like to join the already established cast and how she balances her different roles in life. 

Modeling clothing from Sha Ahmad, Meghan practiced her best Blue Steel. The modeling is pretty hilarious, but the clothes are gorgeous. 

Now let’s dissect what Meghan has to say!

On being the new girl on RHOC, Meghan admits it was daunting. “When I joined the show I wanted to be included. It was not easy and I struggled to find my voice during the process.” Oh and boy did she ever find her voice – as the advocate of truthiness and justicey! Once Meghan did find her voice the other women “embraced and respected me.” Too bad the same can’t be said for her hubs! 


Meghan is also standing by her sometimes questionable behavior this season.”What I do on TV is 100% me, unfortunately it’s also easy to misinterpret it.” 

Crediting the volatility of RHOC to the “hyper speed environment where things are intense and emotions are always fresh,” Meghan maintains none of it is staged.

Meghan also seems to be enjoying herself and her new RHOC friendships. She praises her fellow-Housewives for their intelligence and mutual respect. What show is she watching?!

“I have great admiration for all the wives because of their strong personalities and most especially give props to them for being resilient and smart,” Meghan gushed. “They are critical thinkers who are not afraid to speak their minds. The conversations are always interesting and there’s mutual respect for each other even if we sometimes disagree.” BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Meghan values each Real Housewives Of Orange County star’s “unique story” and feels each woman’s “unique family situation” gives all viewers someone to relate to. (Faking cancer?! Hijacking it?! Can you relate?) That Meghan – she’s a helper!

Meghan believes Housewives serve a benevolent purpose and by sharing their stories, they raise awareness – especially in her case being a 30 year old stepmom. “I don’t have a lot of friends my age who are stepmoms, so if I can help women out there relate to me and my daily triumphs and issues I hope they know that they’re not alone and vice versa,” she shares.   

Meghan also wants it known that despite appearances to the contrary, she’s actually smart! As a teenager she started modeling but realized she’d rather be recognized for her her brain than beauty. Knowledge is power! “I focused on books (not my looks) and eventually earned a scholarship,” reveals Meghan. Was this before or after she was making a spreadsheet to organize who was bringing what booze to the after-prom party? #Smarts

Well, that was uhhhh… interesting. And it’s official: Meghan takes herself way, WAY too seriously! You can find more of Meghan’s interview in GEV here

Meghan has also ditched her pink and purple My Little Pony hair for a more adult hue – brunette. Meghan shared a glimpse on her Facebook page.  


New hair!

Posted by Meghan King Edmonds on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


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