After a first season that was painful to watch, the second Real Housewives of Dallas is a lot better than round one, which isn’t saying much. The only story line one of the most surprising story lines at the start of this season is the feud between former besties Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, who were attached at the hip last season.

In all honesty, nothing else significant has been discussed during the first two episodes of the show, but Brandi has revealed that she is not the biggest fan of the two newest cast members D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott, so hopefully that ends up bringing some (much needed) entertainment.

In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Brandi discussed Season 2. She claimed, “I keep telling people that there is not a dull moment. We’ve got everything from the drama, to the tears, laughter, health scares. Everything is in there.” I don’t know about “never a dull moment,” but it is definitely a step up for the first season.

Brandi’s distance with Stephanie was so bad she revealed that their husbands attempted to reunite them. Brandi shared, “They were even trying to book us on a trip and strategically sending both of us to happen to be sitting next to each other on the airplane.”

It seems like the two of them are all right these days, but Brandi recalled, “Things started to escalate with us and I tried to talk to Stephanie. You’re going to see it further down the line.” So this is going to drag out for a while this season? Oh joy. Brandi continued, “Things had escalated, but I didn’t know that she was also going through some things so I looked at it as ‘She’s not hearing me. I tried to tell her that these things are hurting me. I tried to call her to talk about it.'”

Brandi also shared some behind the scenes info about LeeAnne Locken coming to her defense when she saw Stephanie during the Season 2 premiere. Brandi explained, “In the first episode, LeeAnne says to her ‘She’s got to check her calendar.’ That’s because Stephanie had told me when I wanted to meet with her – about ‘hey this is bothering me – she said she needed to check her calendar.”

LeeAnne gets stuck with the worst edit. Adding some context to that moment would have been helpful.

Aside from discussing the Stephanie situation, Brandi talked about the new ladies in the cast. She said, “I had met D’Andra a few times. I don’t think she ever remembered. She and LeeAnne have that in common. D’Andra is sweet. She’s beautiful. She lives in Hyland Park. She loves to bring that up a lot. Flaunt it a lot.”

Even though Brandi said that she’s spent more time with Kameron, it doesn’t mean that they are super close. She revealed, “Kameron I think is a little bit of a prude and she does not appreciate my humor. I don’t think you see that yet. We just did not hit it off very well.”

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