If it wasn’t for Dorinda Medley (and those three Mexico episodes) the last Real Housewives of New York season would have been a complete snooze fest. She blessed us all with some iconic one-liners and some on point commentary about the other ladies. So many Housewives brag that they “tell it like it is” to a point where it is almost laughable, but Dorinda truly does.

Dorinda has found a way to be on good terms with everyone in the cast (without being boring) so of course she has the scoop and opinion on just about everything that’s going on and that includes their love lives.

Dorinda spoke to Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast about what has been going on with the cast since the reunion wrapped. Of course, she was asked about Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino getting a divorced. It is the hot topic among the RHONY fandom right now. Dorinda shared, “I try to call her every couple days just to check in and make sure she’s doing well. Luann’s a survivor. It is so bizarre now to watch the reunion knowing what has now happened because she didn’t tell us.” I cannot wait for Single Luann do reemerge at Beautique next season. It will be prime entertainment.

Then she was asked about Carole Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy’s situation where it’s unclear if they are broken up, dating, or “taking a step back” as Carole specified at the reunion. Their status is still unclear, but they are definitely on good terms. Dorinda said, “I think that they were even together this weekend. I watched the Insta story. I don’t think Carole is the type of person that breaks off relationships.”

Dorinda continued, “I don’t know what they’re doing, but the point is he’ll always be in her life.” She added, “Carole doesn’t take on people and let them go. She really values relationships.”

And then the conversation turned to Dorinda’s occasional sparring partner Sonja Morgan and her boy toy Frenchie. Dorinda shared, “Sonja and I are in a very good place right now so I choose not to comment,” but she did end up commenting. When asked if she likes Rocco for Sonja, Dorinda kept it real and said, “Sonja, I’m sorry, but I don’t see these as true candidates. I think Rocco is a wonderful man, but they’re probably more friends. I think Frenchie is a wonderful man, but I don’t know if it’s truly a rock solid relationship. I don’t know. I heard some things on the streets, the hard streets of New York.” When asked to elaborate she just teased, “That’s Season 10,” which will hopefully be a lot better than Season 9.

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In other Sonja Morgan news, Rocco Ancorola shared with Page Six (of course!) on his relationship with Sonja, “I have been out and about all summer long in the Hamptons with models and beauty queens. I am a southern Italian — we wait for no one except our mothers.”


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