Dorinda Medley Calls Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan's Room-Grabbing "The Worst Behavior"

Dorinda Medley Calls Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan’s Room-Grabbing “The Worst Behavior”

After giving up her room to Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan in Vermont, Dorinda Medley finally put her foot down in Mexico. When The Real Housewives Of New York ladies arrived at their beautiful rental house, Dorinda almost gave in again to the spastic fits of Grabby and Greedy – until Bethenny Frankel practically tasered someone stepped in to break up the madness. In her blog, Dorinda reflects on what she calls “the worst” behavior she’s seen from the likes of Ramona and Sonja.

Dorinda recounts the events leading up to that point, beginning with the car ride: “Well we finally made it to Mexico, and yes, Ramona is with us!…I was personally ready to get in the car, have a quiet ride to the house, have a welcome drink, and go to the beach. But alas, that never happens, does it? The ride involved Sonja going on about a mistaken picture of someone’s private parts sent by mistake, and a game of kill, marry, and, well, you know the rest. As you can see by my actions, I had very little interest in either. By the way, who gets a penis picture by mistake?” Well, Sonja does. That’s who!

Feeling “blessed” to stay in the gorgeous house that Bethenny arranged, Dorinda expresses shock at Ramona and Sonja’s almost instantaneous room antics. She comments in her blog, “With all this beauty around us and the fact that Ramona made the trip by the hair of her chinny chin chin, you wouldn’t believe that the old game of room grabbing would not possibly happen, and yet it did in its worst fashion ever. Bethenny tried to quell the situation by doing a lottery. Seems fair, right? Well Ramona and Sonja not only received the last two numbers, but they also decided to ignore all rules and rampage through the house marking their territory.”

Dorinda continues, “They first tried to take our host’s room (Bethenny) who, by the way, was sick with a fever and chills, and when that failed, they attempted to bully me out of my room. Well I did it in Vermont, and I ain’t doing it again. What do you think that is all about? It’s both the worst behavior and extremely uncomfortable, don’t you think?”

Yes, it is the worst. But unexpected from these two? Nah. They live for these horrific moments! (Especially Ramona, whose chemically-peeled face seems to have given her insanity-superpower a hefty jolt.)

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At least Dorinda got to miss out on the dinner drama later, although she did get to attack Carole Radziwill with a balloon first! “After that disaster was over, I managed to secure a great room sharing a bathroom with Carole (hooray). Did you like the balloon game? Not sure my roomie did,” she jokes.

“Well I had a few welcome cocktails and proceeded to go to bed for the night. Little did I know I was going to miss an epic first dinner. Tinsley [Mortimer] found her voice (good girl), and Luann [de Lesseps] managed to fall comfortably in a bush and then again off the steps. Thank goodness she was so fluid, and I mean fluid—she did not hurt a thing.”

But will Dorinda be rejoining the madness this week? Drunk Lu can’t keep this slapstick comedy afloat all by herself! Dorinda promises that, yes, she will arise from her nap ready to bravely slur her way through many a meal ahead!

“I may have missed the first dinner, but as you can expect, I will be around for the next few! Until next week, Viva Mexico!”

Well, all I have to say to that is CLIIIIIIIIIIP! I can’t wait.


Photo Credit: Bravo