The focus of Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas has been the feud between besties Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. They patched things up during the last episode though so now that the only main story line has wrapped up, Brandi has moved on to calling out the other cast members for their behavior.

So far, Brandi has been leaning on LeeAnne Locken for support, but now that she is back in action with Stephanie, that is bound to change- especially after LeeAnne dressed as “Two Face” for Halloween in an ode to Stephanie. Brandi has a lot to say about LeeAnne’s costume and the two new girls in the cast: D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott.

Brandi reflected on her reconciliation with Stephanie in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “I want to be in a good place with Stephanie and after seeing her, I knew I missed her and she cared. I know that we can be stronger than before after going through this struggle.”

She continued, “I opened up to Stephanie about the miscarriage because it’s not something I talk about or share. It was something my family went through and was honestly another reason I closed myself off even more, not just to her but to everyone. I felt that it was important for Steph to know exactly why I chose to be so distant in so many ways and it felt like a relief to actually open up and have her hear me.”

Unlike a lot of the Housewives that only seem to interact because of contractual obligation, Brandi and Stephanie really seem to be genuine friends outside of this show. That’s why it’s really not surprising that Brandi admitted, “I must say I was hysterically crying watching us meet. You really see and know how much we love and care about each other. It feels so good to know we are moving forward. I love that girl.”

Now that Brandi and Stephanie are back together, Brandi is calling out LeeAnne for that Halloween getup. Brandi said, “Her choice to wear this shows that she has no respect for Stephanie and is so distasteful to do in the hostesses home.” It also shows that LeeAnne knows how to get camera time and create a story line for this show.

Even though we haven’t really seen Brandi interact with the new cast members at all, she has a lot to say about D’Andra and the comments she made at Stephanie’s party. Brandi wrote, “I would also like to address that D’Andra Simmons is in a corner saying we are always drama. Well hello honey, what are you doing asking Stephanie about LeeAnne and I being friends. Are you trying to start drama? If you’re pointing fingers, you should always point it right back at yourself. Just saying. I teach my kids that so maybe I should teach you.” Of course these women are “always drama.” That is why they got cast for a reality TV show. Duh.

Brandi also said,”Moving on to Kameron Westcott, she clearly can’t take a joke and I know I can. Who said that? I said that…I bet I could turn a gay man straight. Now am I joking Barbie, or for real? #talent.” It is very clear that Brandi is not a fan of these new girls, especially Kameron based on the previews for the rest of the season.

Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Join us here at 10/9 C for all the live-snarking!

From Bravo’s summary of tonight: “Stephanie draws a line in the sand with Travis about the expensive renovations they need to make to their new home. LeeAnne shows potential as a role model for women until Brandi overhears her gossiping about Stephanie. Meanwhile, D’Andra demands to know when her mother will finally turn over the family business and is surprised when she hears the real reason. And when Brandi invites Cary and Stephanie to Memphis right in front of Kameron, it sparks a fight about etiquette and manners.”

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