THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- Season:8 -- Pictured: Siggy Flicker -- (Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo)

Based on the trailer, Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is going to be exactly what this show needs to get back on track. After that Season 6 casting misfire with the twins and Amber Marchese and a Season 7 that centered around the demise of Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita’s friendship, Season 8 appears to be the exactly what the fandom needs.

Siggy Flicker is back, but she is not the peacemaker from last year. She has a lot to address this season. From her friendship with the always controversial Kim D to her issues with the new Housewife Margaret Josephs, it looks like she will be in the thick of the drama this season. And then there’s the part of the trailer (which I can’t stop watching) where she tells Danielle Staub “you’re f-cked up” immediately after Danielle says “that’s f-cked up.” It looks like Jersey is going to be off the rails this year and Siggy teases about the “epic season” that is just a month away.

Siggy discusses RHONJ Season in 8 in an interview for Andy’s Girls: A Real Housewives Podcast.

She revealed, “In this upcoming season, if you think last season was bad for me? This season, the whole season I’m being bullied. So people are going to watch this season, and it’s like, ‘wow I want to learn from her, how do you handle a bully.'” Siggy doesn’t specify who is bullying her, but we will know soon enough. Still, she made it clear that she can handle herself just fine and declared, “Toxic people exist everywhere and I show you exactly how to handle them.”

One person who Siggy has a lot of love for is Teresa, who she described as “the most authentic Housewife ever.” She explained, “You can’t compare anybody to Teresa. What you see is what you get. Over and over again. Who can ever say that they met another person who has had to endure the kind of pain and suffering that this woman has gone through. With going to jail, coming home, having your husband go to jail, recently her mother passed away so unexpectedly. She truly is a survivor.”

That survivor flipped a table on Danielle Staub in one of the most iconic moments in reality TV history and now the two of them are getting along and doing yoga together.

Siggy said, “It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be one of the best seasons of Housewives. All I can tell you – without getting into specifics because I can’t because I’m under contract and I love Bravo too much to ruin my relationship with the greatest network in the world – Danielle Staub is back and she brings it like no other. She’s fabulous and beyond, beyond amazing.”

When asked if she had apprehension about Danielle‘s return, Siggy admitted, “I think when you film Real Housewives of New Jersey, you need to realize that nobody is looking for Little House on the Prairie.” She even said, “Danielle Staub is in Housewives history. I give all kudos to that. Let’s see as the season unfolds.”

As far as the other cast members go, Siggy revealed, “Teresa, Melissa [Gorga], Dolores [Catania], and I, you’re going to see a lot of dynamics. We have Margaret and it’s not a secret that Margaret and I – the chemistry between us is not there. I repeat n-o-t. Not there. I brought her into the group. I introduced her to everybody and I felt very betrayed and hurt. You will see how it all unfolds.”

She eventually got more specific about the cast dynamics when she said, “Dolores and I have a relationship that is beyond anything. We are so close. We are so dynamic. Teresa Giudice and I are very, very close. I love her. When I’m with her we cry together. We crack up together. So I would say I am the closest with Teresa and Dolores. I really have a bond with each one of them.”

Of course Siggy had to address honorary cast member Kim DePaolathe infamous Kim D – and her role in Siggy’s relationship with Melissa. Siggy explained, “I love Melissa. Melissa Gorga do have something in the middle of us that keeps us from getting closer. That something is the person by the name of Kim D.”

Siggy confessed, “What the viewers don’t know is I knew Kim D seven years prior to knowing who Melissa and Teresa were. I met Kim D at a time when her boyfriend passed away. I met Kim D when she was devastated. This was the love of her life. Every time I would meet with her she would be in tears.”

She explained, “I have a friendship with Kim D. I don’t agree with everything that comes out of Kim D’s mouth. I do my best to defend Teresa and Melissa when things come out of her mouth. At the end of the day, I’m not just going to cross every friend off my list that my other friends are not getting along with.” Let’s be honest: if she did that then she would have no friends left.

One person who Siggy has been able to form a close bond with is former RHONJ cast member Jacqueline Laurita. Siggy said, “Jacqueline and I are talking. We are very, very good,” but maintaining that friendship has not been easy.

Siggy explained, “When I first came on and I was just getting to know Teresa. You have to remember I met Teresa when she just got home from jail. I never knew any of the Teresa [before that]. So for me to automatically start not liking Teresa because somebody else has problems with her would have not been authentic and I would have been a phony bitch and that’s not who I am.”

Siggy said, “I’ve seen other people in the cast come on these shows and they were so fame hungry [and decided to] pick a side right away that it was so not authentic.” Agreed completely. Siggy added, “For me, it wouldn’t have been authentic to turn on Teresa. If [Jacqueline] was ever disappointed, I’m sorry that’s she’s disappointed. I would have done everything the same way over again. I would not have changed anything.”

Siggy described the last season by saying, “This season there are worse, low moments than last season. You’re in for a ride. I wish I could reveal more, but it’s going to be very, very shocking, and it gets low. So I think that those moments will come and once again I’m holding back because I can’t give specifics.” Ugh.

Still, she teased, “Certain things happen before the fashion show.” And by “the fashion show,” Siggy obviously means the always infamous Posche fashion show. She also teased drama in Boca and Milan.

She declared, “You will see a lot of shocking things this season. Just to see the positive because there were so many negatives this season, I really think that Margaret and Danielle were fabulous additions to the season. They really did bring a lot. Like I said, I might not agree with everything, but at the end of the day it made for a good show. We have a fabulous season and I just have to be honest about that.”

Is it October 4 yet? I need RHONJ back in my life ASAP.

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[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo]

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