Dorinda Medley Calls Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan's Room-Grabbing

Aside from Dorinda Medley, pretty much everyone in the Real Housewives of New York cast hated on Luann de Lesseps‘ relationship with Tom D’Agostino at some point. That does make sense though since Dorinda is the one who introduced them. She was even a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Now that Luann announced that she and Tom are getting a divorce, everyone wants to know what her cast mates think about the split.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Dorinda admitted, “I was as stunned as anyone,” which actually makes a lot of sense.

Even though a lot of people saw the split coming at some point, it was still a surprising announcement because of the timing. Yes, there were scandalous rumors for months about Luann (allegedly) slapping Tom in a restaurant and Tom “flirting” with various women in public, but the Real Housewives of New York season was still airing and the ladies has just shot the reunion episodes. This means that the three-episode reunion aired with Luann defending Tom and wearing the same dress she wore to her wedding rehearsal.

Dorinda explained, “I thought that it was going to be difficult because there was so much pressure put on that relationship.” Then she kept it real and admitted, “I just don’t know if Tom was really ready to be married. I think he was ready to be in a relationship, but it’s a very different thing to be married. Luann loves to be married.”

Even though Luann chose to ignore some very blatant red flags about Tom, Dorinda is not going to throw the breakup in her face. She said, “I always said about Luann that you’re a friend through the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can advise them and then once they make a decision, you have to be supportive. But if they get in trouble, you have to be supportive. I feel bad for what happened.”

Although Luann’s relationship with Tom was a constant source of drama, the split seems to be anything but, or at least that’s how it seems so far.

Dorinda shared, “I’m very proud of the way she is handling [the split] with dignity. She’s not out running around. She’s getting her life back together. She’s keeping her life quiet and getting healthy, and I love her to death and I wish her well. She’ll be fine because she’s a survivor.” Now I’m just waiting for single Luann to bounce back and be out on the prowl during Real Housewives of New York Season 10.

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