Once again, Luann D’Agostino made TV history by drunkenly falling into a bush during the Real Housewives of New York cast’s Mexican vacation. Although I loved that scene more than anything and even rewound it a couple of times, it wasn’t enough to make me forget about those reports that her marriage with Tom D’Agostino is “hanging by a thread” and that she slapped him in a restaurant.

This is especially true since Luann was Andy Cohen’s guest on Watch What Happens Live– so of course she had to discuss the latest Tom rumors.

Andy couldn’t help telling the former countess, “I’ve never, ever seen you so drunk.” Luann countered with, “I don’t drink margaritas. We were traveling all day. it was a really long trip and we drank as soon as we walked into the house.” Whatever. Nothing to apologize for Lu. I was loving every second of drunk Luann and she has nothing to be sorry about. Party on, girl.

Then, Andy got to the juicy stuff: the “alleged” slap. Luann said, “I did not slap him,” but she should have just stopped there because after that sentence her rebuttal got a little bit questionable. Luann added, “We have a very passionate love affair going. We never go to bed angry, but when we do, we wake up and make up.” After Andy called her out for the inconsistency of that statement, he asked about the slap yet again and she said, “No, no of course not.”

And once again, she should have just stopped there because her explanation of events isn’t the most flattering. Luann shared, “It’s ‘gossip,’ come on. I touched his face in a very loving way and people took it as a slap.” No idea why she would say that, but it’s definitely not going to clear up any rumors. Then again, there are always rumors about Luann and Tom so maybe she’s just used to it by now.

Andy asked if she had a fight with Tom in a restaurant and she admitted, “Absolutely, lovers’ quarrel.” So apparently there was at least some small granule of truth to that report about the restaurant slap. If only the Bravo cameras were present to capture this incident.

On a lighter note, a viewer asked Luann about getting upset in Vermont because she “deserved” the best room in the house because she “just got married.” Surprisingly enough, Luann took ownership of her behavior in that situation. Well, as much as Luann can anyway. She admitted, “Looking back, you always feel bad. You look like you’re spoiled. I had just gotten married and my room had no electricity. I was very happy because the house was beautiful. Looking back I go ‘Damn. I look like I was spoiled.'” If only Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan reached that level of clarity while watching these vacations episodes- the world would definitely be a better place- or at least the staff members at these resorts would have a much easier time.

On the After Show, a caller asks Luann who she thinks gave Page Six the story about Tinsley. She says undoubtedly that she thinks it was Sonja. “That had Sonja written all over it.”  Luann reiterates that she loves Sonja, but “Sonja loves to gossip.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

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