Sheree Whitfield gets dirt from Tyrone

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta got off to a slow start, but thanks to the Kim Zolciak-induced roachgate scandal, the shade throwing and arguments really picked up.

The one person who was consistently bringing drama and good tea was Sheree Whitfield’s boo Tyrone Gilliams– and he was doing that all via collect call in a prison cell. He was bringing a lot more to the show than most of the full-time cast members, so I figured Sheree (and Tyrone by  association) would definitely get asked back for Season 11. Apparently that might not be the case.

According to a report from Love B. Scott, Sheree got fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta….again. The article doesn’t provide a concrete reason for the firing, but now I’m just concerned about the completion of construction on Chateau Sheree. How is she going to finance Tyrone’s man cave? At least she has more than four years to figure that out since Tyrone isn’t getting out of jail any time soon.

As of this moment, no one has commented on the rumor directly, but both Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore tweeted “Karma” along with a peach emoji. This is the first time Porsha and Kenya have been on the same side ever, which I would actually love to see play out on the show. Kenya and Porsha vs. Sheree sounds like an epic story line to me, but apparently that idea is not super enticing to the casting department.

Love B. Scott also reports that Kim won’t be returning next year, which makes perfect sense since it seems like Sheree is the only one who is friends with her these days.

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