Sheree defends Tyrone

Pretty much every Real Housewife describes her latest reunion taping as “epic.” Seriously, Google it and you’ll see that it is the go-to descriptor. Nevertheless, I can’t help believing that the word actually does apply to the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion. They all seem like they have some reality TV edition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As an OG cast member, Sheree Whitfield has seen a lot, but it seems like she’s still tired out from watching NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak go at it for the 98525267484837th time.

In an interview with E! News, Sheree said, “It gets really, really crazy.” She even paraphrased previous remarks that NeNe has made and said, “When we talk about… I NeNe mentioned this word before that some of the girls are ‘de-classing’ the show. I feel like it was another show. It was a huge bullying thing and I just feel like it got very out of hand.”

Of course Sheree is on Kim’s side in this saga and had nothing but praise for her girl. Sheree shared, “Kim, she was definitely a trooper. She stood there and she stood her ground. You know Kim, she will go back and forth with them.”
Sheree said, “She’s this type of ‘I’m not gonna let them see me sweat’ and I didn’t know she was sweating until after. I did not know. I had no idea because she literally sat there and she would go back and forth and then it just felt like everything came in on her. And it just seemed like it just bounced off of her.” That’s really not how it looked in the trailer. Kim walked off the stage and looked visibly shaken to me, but if anyone can hold her own in the middle of a screaming match, it’s Kim Zolciak.
Sheree continued, “When you go back and look at it, in retrospect, it’s like, that was pretty mean girl. That was very bully-like, just mean.”
It seems like Sheree is still reeling from the dramatic taping. She admitted, “I’m emotionally exhausted before the reunion, so imagine how I feel. I feel like I need a vacation from the reunion. I need to just detox. It was so toxic and so bad.” It may have been rough for Sheree to tape, but that sounds like it’s going to be a fun time for the viewers. Sheree even said, “I mean, people are going to enjoy it because they like that drama and all that, but it was bad. “
Sheree was asked if there was anything at the reunion that shocked her. Sheree confessed, “A ton. Most of the reunion shocked me. I mean, some of the girls go pretty low.”
I have no idea why this question was even asked, but it was: “Do we see NeNe and Kim go at it a lot?” The NeNe vs. Kim feud is the cornerstone of the reunion, and this season as a whole. Of course, they’re going at it a lot. Sheree teased, “It’s gonna probably take you back to… What season was that? Season 1… Times 20.” Now that is what I like to hear. I cannot wait for these reunion episodes to air.
What else did Sheree have to say about the reunion? She described it as “Epic. Explosive. Like a gang bang or something. I don’t know.” A gang bang? She also said, “I would say this is probably the worst one.”

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