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Big Brother 15 has been consumed by controversy with several houseguests spewing hateful and racist remarks every chance they get.  Aaryn Gries, a 22-year-old college student/model from Texas, has been denounced by fans of the show and mainstream media, which led to the end of her modeling contract, for her ignorance.

Of course, the uncensored live feeds clearly show that Aaryn is not alone, but CBS has decided that she shall be the poster child for everything that's wrong with Big Brother 15. (Please don't think I feel sorry for her – I do not.)

Howard Overby, a 29-year-old youth counselor from Mississippi, was targeted by Aaryn (Head of Household) and Amanda Zuckerman (Queen of Bullydom) and evicted on Thursday.  Immediately following his eviction, Howard told Julie Chen, enduring racism inside the Big Brother house was the "hardest thing in the world."


Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 30, 2013

With news of Teresa Giuidice's indictment sweeping across the twitterverse naturally friends and foes alike are going to react. 

Teresa has been garnering support from some unlikely sources – including Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Jacqueline Laurita

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Melissa Gorga agreed, "@JacLaurita amen. Enough already." Our source told us that Melissa and Poison had not reached out to Teresa after the news broke. 



When the going gets tough, the tough, aka Teresa Giudice, head to the Hamptons, where else?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star isn't going to let a little thing like a federal fraud indictment ruin her summer.  Teresa has awards to collect, products to sell and beaches to swim. 

Teresa and her daughters (three of them at least) are hanging in the Hamptons with Dina Manzo and her daughter Lexi. The former co-stars have been Tweeting up a storm, showing off their vacation pics.   Teresa wrote with the above photo, "Hamptons visit with my girls @dinamanzo and @pamcolacino #greatfriends". 

Teresa hasn't shared any photos of Joe or Gia, so they must've opted to stay home.  I can only imagine how tough this media storm is for Gia.  Adolescence is hard enough but then add into that your family is on reality TV and now being federally indicted for fraud…I truly feel for her. 


70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills, California

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More and more, Big Brother host Julie Chen is opening up about the hate inside the Big Brother house this season, and she seems to be most offended by Aaryn Gries. Rightfully so! Aaryn – along with GinaMarie Zimmerman – has been fired from her job since entering the Big Brother house. Of course, she's still sequestered, so she has no idea! 

I look forward to the day that  Aaryn and GinaMarie  are forced to face the consequences of their hate. For the same reasons, I cannot tolerate Amanda Zuckerman, and I hope she gets evicted sooner rather than later. 

Anyway,  back to Julie's thoughts on Aaryn,  who has personally attacked African-American, Asian-American, and gay BB15 houseguests. "The fact that a young person in this day and age would engage in such racism is very disturbing," said Julie. "When I was growing up in Queens in the '70s, I heard 'chink' and 'ching-chong' and they pulled their eyes – but that was in the '70s!"


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills new cast member Joyce Giraud is hosting her new cast mates – including additional new season 4 cast mate Carlton Gebbia – on their annual fueding filming vacation. This season they're visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The ladies – Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were filmed as they arrived at the airport on Wednesday night.  Wanna bet Kim Richards had to carry her own pillow this time?

The local paper said the airport looked like a film set with posters of "filming in process" and instruction to passengers included.  The reporters shared that the case was approachable and sweet to fans and photographers. 

The RHOBH crew is enjoying the lavish life at the Waldorf Astoria Collection Las Casitas Resort in Fajardo. Yesterday they all spent some time sunbathing at Palomino Island and have been spotted at "luxurious locations" to do their filming. 

Joyce Tweeted the photo of their view, "My lindo Puerto Rico! Simply paradise!".


ng jersey housewives 230511

There are two things the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey love: an opulent party and the inside of a courtroom! Lucky for Teresa Giudice – she gets to experience both. And she's not the only one! With bankruptcies (and rumors of them) galore, the ladies make no effort to stifle their spending. 

With news of Teresa and Joe Giudice being indicted for money fraud this week we thought we’d explore the fabulicious (and fabulously over-the-top) events of the RHONJ.



Just call them the queens of tease.  Ever since the birth of Kim Kardashian's daughter, North, was born in June, the family has let speculation over baby photos, first appearances and the like run wild. 

The madness started when photos of North (still not convinced that this is the name they're sticking with) hit the internet, with the family quickly denying that they were the real photos. They claimed Kim sent out several "fake" pics to see which of her friends would betray her and try to sell them.  Why send them at all, then? Just don't let anyone see her until your million dollar deal is done. 

Next we heard rumblings that North would make her debut on Kris Jenner's new talk show, a rumor Kris played coy with for weeks.  On the premiere of the show she faked out the viewers by bringing a swaddled infant on set at the end of the show, finally revealing that it was NOT granddaughter North, but the child of a staff member.