How Ally Lewber Seems To Have Helped Calm James Kennedy

Ally Lewber & James Kennedy
Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images

Ally Lewber and James Kennedy are a perfect match and it’s not just because they are both Libra moons. The two complement each other well, with Ally’s calmness balancing out James’s tendency to be reactionary and impulsive.

Vanderpump Rules fans were skeptical of the relationship when James first introduced Ally to the group in Season 10. Viewers questioned how quickly he moved on after his split with Rachel Leviss. The two met only a few short weeks after Rachel ended the engagement and James admitted he dropped the “I love you” on Ally rather quickly. But despite criticism, the two remained a united front and by the end of Season 10, viewers had grown to love Ally and her relationship with James.

I think Ally has made James a more likable character on VPR. He’s grown up a lot in the last year and I believe Ally contributed significantly to his growth. The James we know today seems like a completely different person than the guy who was chugging Fireball in Season 4. I guess that is what time and a great girlfriend will do for you.

Here are all the ways Ally has calmed James:

She calls out his bad behavior

James isn’t exactly the poster boy for good behavior. In the past, he has behaved rather erratically at times. He’s blown up at his friends, gotten blackout drunk, and made some unforgiving digs about his co-stars. We’re still mad at him for commenting on Katie Maloney’s weight in Season 4.

While James is still very much a work in progress, he seems to have softened a bit since Ally came into his life. She’s a total sweetheart and is not willing to put up with bad behavior and he knows that. We’ve seen her call him out on multiple occasions when he’s behaved out of line.

During Scheana Shay’s wedding trip in Season 10, Ally let James know she did not like the way he spoke to Ariana Madix at dinner. James seemed receptive to her concerns and appeared to genuinely want to make things right. She also kept him in check when he called Rachel after the news of Scandoval broke. Initially, Ally laughed at some of his remarks but after his words turned nasty, she shut it down and ordered him to hang up the phone. Unlike some other members of the VPR family, Ally does not encourage James’ mean-spirited remarks. She wants him to be a better, kinder man and I love that.

She talked to him about therapy

Fans have seen Ally speak to James about the benefits of therapy on the show. The Astrologer encouraged him to give therapy a try and dispelled a common misconception that therapy is for a certain kind of person. She told him that everyone can benefit from speaking to a licensed professional. James was dismissive of the idea but at least the seed is planted. We love that she is talking to him about his mental health. In the past, he has dealt with his issues by drinking and partying, which hasn’t worked out well for him. It’s smart of Ally to be proactive and introduce some healthier options to deal with difficult feelings.

She’s more logical than him

Ally is a Capricorn queen! Capricorns are determined, hardworking, and loyal. Capricorn is also an earth sign, which is associated with being pragmatic, practical, logical, reliable, and honest. Ally’s grounded energy helps balance out James’ crazy Aquarius energy. He’s unpredictable, she’s reliable. He’s stubborn, she’s pragmatic. James needs an earth sign girl. She keeps him down to earth and offers a unique perspective.

She knows her worth

James knows Ally will walk away if he messes up too much. She seems to have a strong sense of self and isn’t willing to put up with BS. He seems to be on his best behavior since he started dating her and we’re guessing it’s because he knows he could lose her. She motivates him to be his best self.