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The plot thickens. Below Deck star Kate Chastain has coyly maintained her innocence in the domestic dispute with her former girlfriend Rocio “Ro” Hernandez that resulted in battery charges by the Florida State Attorney’s Office. But she hasn’t clearly spoken out about what really happened on that June night between Ro and her, leaving the public to ascertain details from police reports that claimed she choked and bit Hernandez after flying into a “fit of rage.”

Kate’s attorney, however, has finally issued a statement. “Ms. Kate Chastain regrets the incident that occurred between her and Ms. (Rocio) Hernandez. The version of the incident told to the police by Ms. Hernandez is completely fictitious,” says Melbourne lawyer Gary Frese.


Below Deck Mediterranean recap

Everyone who watched the first season of Below Deck Mediterranean knows that the only people who Danny Zureikat got along with were the charter guests – which is super awkward since he spent significant more time with the ship’s staff. Danny’s behavior infuriated the crew and distanced him even more from the group.

I can’t tell if Danny was just eagerly going after a tip or if he was building genuine relationships with the charter guests, but weirdly enough Danny has revealed that he is in touch with some of those people.


Kate Chastain charged

Kate Chastain has been formally charged with domestic battery by strangulation and battery domestic violence by the Florida State Attorney’s Office. The charges, a third degree felony and first degree misdemeanor respectively, follow Kate’s shocking arrest in June for allegedly biting her girlfriend Rocio “Ro” Hernandez on the arm and choking her. The dispute reportedly arose from a scene in which Kate was trying to kick Ro out of her house.

The Below Deck star is set to appear in the show’s fourth season, which debuts September 6. Scenes in the trailer preview Kate and Ro hamming it up for the cameras. But just one week after Bravo airs its premiere, Kate will have to face the judge in real life. Her court date is set for September 13.


Julia D'Albert Pusey

I would feel so awkward watching Below Deck Mediterranean if I was Julie d’Albert Pusey’s boyfriend Matty. Julia says that she didn’t lead Bobby Giancola on, but that is up for some debate.

No matter how Julia’s man feels about the way Julia interacted with Bobby, it had to be awkward to know that she was on a boat with someone who had serious crush on her. Seriously though. Those are some close quarters to deal with.  So what did her boyfriend really think about the situation?



It’s been a cruel summer waiting for the original Below Deck to sail back into our lives. But fear not! We only have a little over a month until Captain Lee, Stud of the Sea, is handing out plane tickets to a new crew of dysfunctional yachties! Below Deck season 4 will premiere on Bravo Sept 6, featuring a mix of old and new faces.  

So, who’s coming aboard this fall? Well, chief stew Kate Chastain, her many fonts and her delightfully on-point snark, will lead the interior crew, including newbies Emily Warburton-Adam (second stew) and Sierra Storm (third stew). Kate is in a new relationship with a woman, a tidbit that will be highlighted on season 4. Although we know that this relationship led to some sketchy shenanigans after filming, we’re not sure how much drama between Kate and her girlfriend will play out on TV. 


Below Deck Mediterranean Season Finale recap

Just when Below Deck Mediterranean was really starting to heat up, it ended out of nowhere – or at least that is how I viewed it. Everything was just getting juicy and then it ended.

And it got wild during the finale episode when Ben Robinson and Tiffany Copeland had sex…on the same night he kissed Hannah Ferrier. The whole web of Below Deck Med hookups just got so messy and I’m all for it. So with all that craziness, I cannot help being curious about who stayed in touch and actually hangs out after the season wrapped.


Below Deck Mediterranean Season Finale recap

It’s been quite the charter season for the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean but alas, it had to end somewhere. While I was just as happy as the crew to see Danny Zureikat finally get sent home for his unprofessionalism, I will miss playing the Danny Drinking Game, which is to take one shot of ouzo every time Danny is rubbing elbows with the guests instead of doing work. The good news is, I’m totally sober for this recap so let’s get to it.



If you have been keeping up with Below Deck Mediterranean, you probably know what Bobby Giancola’s most regrettable moment is from the show. Sure, the whole cast has had some pretty embarrassing moments this season – especially when there was alcohol involved, but Bobby really took things to the next level during the latest episode.

Things got out of hand when Bobby disobeyed the captain’s orders by bringing a lady back to the yacht for a hook up.


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