Last week on Teen MomTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell supported April after Butch assaulted her, Maci Bookout and Kyle King bought a house, Farrah Abraham let her boy toy Daniel meet Sophia, and Amber Portwood proved rehab did not make her a better person.

Catelynn and Tyler Stand by April

Tyler’s mom Kim urges Tyler to go to Butch’s arraignment. Kim, Tyler’s sister, Tyler, and Catelynn are eating lunch, talking about Butch. Tyler and Catelynn are done with Butch. There are a lot of feelings flying around the table. Kim finally just says, “No one is a perfect parent.”


Tyler, Kim, and April go to Butch’s arraignment. Catelynn has to work.  Butch waddles into the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit.  Looks like Kim isn’t the only one getting makeovers these days. Butch is sporting a mighty fine braid in his mullet.  Speaking of Kim’s makeover, the new look didn’t last too long, did it? Hilariously, Butch decides to represent himself in court. The judge advises him this is foolish. Maybe not? Butch has been in court often enough, he should know how it works. Butch isn’t interested in the judge’s opinion. Instead, he asks for a personal bond, so he can return to corrections and have access to a law library. Butch says he wants to do “research.” Wearing his little glasses, I can almost see him as a lawyer. The judge denies Butch’s request to move. More like, the judge says there’s NO WAY he’s letting him out of there given his past criminal escapades.

Tyler fills in Catelynn. Tyler says about Butch, “You’re going to represent yourself with your ponytail and mullet?” Tyler forgets to tell Catelynn about the braid. Catelynn tells Tyler she sees a “poor little boy” look in his eye. He doesn’t appreciate the comment. Then, Catelynn tries to play fight with Tyler. Not a good time, Catelynn. Tyler looks checked out.

Catelynn checks in with April. April’s starting her recovery group the next day. April talks to Catelynn about her drinking problem and her desire to stop. April says Butch used to urge her to drink beer with him even though he knows she cannot drink just one. April wants to sober up so she doesn’t make the same mistakes with Nick that she made with Catelynn. And to be there for future grand babies.  Catelynn supports April by going to the meeting with her. Meanwhile, Butch is calling April repeatedly. Since Butch has no library to occupy his time and it seems as if he has free access to a phone all day long, April should consider changing her phone number.

Home Sweet Home

Maci and Kyle prepare Bentley for the new house. Then, Maci and Kyle sit around wondering what Ryan Edwards will think. These two spend way too much time and energy talking and thinking about Ryan. Maci breaks the news to Ryan when he picks up Bentley. Ryan listens, says that’s good, and moves on. Poor Maci. Not only is she not getting any reaction from Ryan, Dalis is in the truck sharing her new puppy with an ecstatic Bentley. Maci is not happy.

Maci and Kyle are working on the new house while Bentley is with Ryan. I guess Maci doesn’t have any classes on this day. While Ryan, Dalis, and Bentley are out to eat, Ryan asks Bentley if he’s excited about the new house. Bentley says no. Dalis says, “I think you should just live with Daddy.” This leads to Ryan and Dalis talk about Ryan sharing custody of Bentley with Maci.

Maci and Kyle bring Bentley to the new house. Bentley asks, “Where’s my room?” Maci tells him he can pick one. He doesn’t like any of them. Bentley isn’t crazy about this new house plan. Bentley is a little happier playing outside with Kyle, but he soon starts asking to “go home” again. When it’s time for bed, Bentley is not too thrilled with his new big boy bed either. Bentley really does not like change.  Maci puts Bentley in his bed, but Bentley refuses to stay there. He creeps into the hallway and Maci’s room repeatedly. Maci tries to bribe Bentley with a cookie. He couldn’t care less. The episode ends with Bentley curled up in between Maci and Kyle in their bed.

Farrah’s Terrible Twenties

It’s clear that Farrah has no idea how to handle Sophia. Farrah puts Sophia in her bed and tells her to go night-night. Farrah’s making flashcards for school when Sophia comes out of her bedroom. Sophia isn’t interested in leaving Farrah. An exasperated Farrah gives up and goes to sleep with Sophia. Why didn’t Farrah simply lie down with Sophia until she was asleep and then go back to her school work?

Daniel is helping Farrah with Sophia so she can study. Sophia throws a pen at Farrah’s head. I try not to laugh. Farrah tells Sophia that she’s going to go to her room if she keeps throwing things. So, Sophia smacks Daniel’s foot. Farrah says to Sophia, “Don’t hit either. Nobody wants to play with a naughty baby.” I was waiting for Daniel to say, “Nobody wants to date a bitchy mommy either. I’m out of here,” but he let me down. In due time.

Farrah asks Daniel try to get Sophia asleep. He’s unsuccessful. When all else fails, Farrah turns on the TV. Once Sophia is quiet in her room, Farrah cuddles up on the couch with Daniel with no books in sight. Farrah worries about how she’s going to take care of Sophia and finish her school work. Farrah is realizing what it means to be an adult without her mommy across the street, and she doesn’t like it.

Farrah finds out that Sophia colored on the walls with a marker, probably a permanent one that Farrah had earlier. Farrah calls Debra. She basically wants Debra to discipline Sophia over the phone, and then Farrah gets annoyed when she does. Farrah calls her sister to tell her she’s thinking about asking their mom to take Sophia to Iowa for a month. Farrah is having too many “situations,” she’s stressed out, and she has a new boy toy. Ashley thinks it’s a good idea. Isn’t this the same mother they both deemed satanic and the worst mother ever? After their outburst a few weeks ago, how can either of them justify this as a good idea (inside their heads)?

Farrah Abraham Releases Song & Memoir! Plus, Accused Of Abusing Adderall And Xanax!

Once again, Farrah is studying and Sophia is begging for attention. Farrah tells Sophia she’s ignoring her. It sounds like Sophia repeats Farrah words as she’s walking away. Farrah puts Sophia in her bed and says if she’s looking for attention from her mom this isn’t the right attention. Farrah calls her mom. Debra starts with good morning and how are you, but Farrah talks right over her saying how horrible Sophia is that day. Debra tells Farrah she’s trying to get attention and she needs that security. Farrah laughs at her. Farrah confirms Debra‘s plans to visit and watch Sophia while she goest to Texas with Daniel. Without barely taking a breath, Farrah asks Debra if she will take Sophia back to Iowa for a month. Of course Debra says yes. I imagine she’s smiling from ear to ear.

Sophia is ecstatic when she sees Debra in Florida. That level of excitement speaks volumes. Debra, Daniel, Farrah, and Sophia go out to eat. Debra doesn’t waste any time before she asks Daniel about his ten-year plan. He says, “Go back to school. In the long run, get married and have a family.” Debra makes sure Daniel knows Farrah is a “brilliant business woman” and makes sure he’ll support her in her brilliant business ventures. Daniel takes Sophia outside to play while Farrah and Debra talk about him. Debra likes Daniel. Farrah is happy.

Amber Continues to Struggle

Amber is struggling this week. Hardcore. She struggles to not yell, not cry, stay awake, hold up those eyelashes, and make up new excuses as to why she’s not going to therapy.

Gary Shirley is moving, so Amber has Leah. Amber’s latest excuse for why she and Gary fight so often is because Gary goes out of town a lot. When he does, he leaves Leah with his mom. JJ calls from paradise to check in with Amber. JJ asks Amber how she’s been since she left rehab. She says, “Horrifically terrible.” JJ says, “Yeah.” He’s totally not surprised. Amber admits she hasn’t enrolled in the outpatient therapy yet. Her new reason is because she’s always sleeping. Such a tough spot for Amber. If she doesn’t take her meds, she’s crazy. If she does take her meds, she’s part time crazy and part time asleep. Amber also says Gary is being mean to her by calling her a bad mom. JJ urges her to get into the outpatient therapy. Amber says it’s all useless because no matter what she does, she isn’t good enough for anyone. JJ asks Amber if it is good enough for her. Amber feeds him what he wants to hear – “Yes, it’s good enough for me. And it’s good enough for my daughter.”

Amber says Leah cannot spend the night at her house because of the “vandalism.” Gary comes to get Leah at the end of the day. He tells Amber Leah will be with his mom the next day because he’s going to Tennessee. Amber yells at Gary, saying he just went to “Ellanoise!” Gary tells her he’s not going to fight in front of Leah and leaves. Gary and Leah share some cute kisses as they’re getting in the car. Gary is still sitting in front of Amber‘s house when his phone rings. It’s Amber, screaming at him about Tennessee. She’s probably not upset about Gary leaving Leah with Carol. She’s mad because she doesn’t know why Gary is leaving town so often.  Gary tells her he doesn’t need to justify anything to her, so he’s going to get off the phone. “Yes, you do need to justify it it me. It’s my kid,” she yells. Gary hangs up. Amber calls him a bad name and then throws her phone. I’m shocked Amber’s phone still works.

Gary shows his mom his new place. Carol asks Gary how many times Leah has seen Amber since she’s been home. Gary tells her three times. Then, Gary tells her about Amber fighting with him. Also, Gary is excited about Leah starting preschool soon because they’re going to help potty train her. Gary nicely tells his mom how much he appreciates her help with Leah.

The next day, Amber goes to Carol’s house to see Leah. Amber completely breaks down when nobody is home. Amber’s rent-a-friend comes by for a visit so Amber can talk about her feelings for the MTV cameras. Carol brings Leah to Amber’s house. Amber looks ridiculous, wearing one of Leah’s hats. Amber lectures Carol about communication. Amber suggests there needs to be better communication when Carol is “watching Leah.” Surely she meant “raising Leah.” Anyway, Amber asks Carol if they can have an open line of communication, instead of Amber and Gary. It’s obvious Carol isn’t excited about this idea. Carol says as long as Leah is with her, absolutely. Otherwise, Amber and Gary need to learn to talk to each other.

Next week on Teen Mom, Farrah is talking engagement rings to a horrified Daniel, Maci is mad at Dalis, and Gary doesn’t let Amber see Leah. Also, Tyler hates school and isn’t returning. Well, isn’t that interesting.