So it looks like for the next two weeks my entire vocabulary is going to be dominated by the words "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Yeah, can you feel how thrilled I am about that? 

Apparently discussing Teresa Giudice in Us Weekly wasn't enough, because Kathy Wakile is doing it again in her Bravo blog. Now of course I understand it's part of the job requirement to talk crap about your costars, I'm just tired of hearing it from all parties. Bitter is my new middle name. 

So, let's hear what Kathy has to say: 

"I want to go on record that I’m not proud of the dark place that I went to when I lashed out at Teresa. It’s not in my nature to allow myself to react so harshly, and I feel bad about my behavior.

Unfortunately, this time I reacted after Teresa had pushed me to my limit. How many more chances and benefits of the doubts am I going to give her? There are a few things that I hold sacred in my life: my children, my family, and most of all my marriage. How dare she try to pick away at my marriage and then throw her mother under the bus and say that she is the one who told her this?

Why would she betray her mother’s confidence and get her involved in this? A lie is a lie. Trust me, if the Pope himself was spreading lies about my marriage, I would still do anything to stop it.


I sat back for two seasons straight and did not allow Teresa’s jabs and insults about my character to get to me, because I knew what she was trying to do. It’s called deflection. She has attacked the most important relationships in my life — my sister Rosie [Pierri], made comments about my kids, and now my marriage and my deceased father.

It’s unfortunate that once again Teresa automatically went to that place and thought I would reveal the nature of our past conversations we had years ago about marriage. I would never reveal any 'girl talk' that we had in the past and betray her confidentiality. What made her think I would so quickly divulge that private information when I never did before and have no intention of doing now? She went for my jugular and she pushed me over the edge! "

Kathy also discusses her relationship with Teresa's parents and apologizes for the comments she made about them at the reunion. 

"I’ve always had respect for my aunt and uncle. As you can see from Season 3, after the fashion show my aunt attacked me after I had a private conversation with Teresa. I understood where she was coming from, and I didn’t even say a word to her in my defense. I allowed this to happen because she thought she was protecting her daughter."


When I was first interviewed for RHONJ, I went to discuss the possibilities and my intentions with my aunt and uncle. I had a very long, nice talk with my aunt and she agreed with me. We came to an amiable understanding. I had also hoped to speak to my uncle that day but he just walked out. While I admit that 'coward' was a very mean thing to say, I was so disappointed in how he acted towards me."

And Kathy insists Teresa's comments about her father are anything but false. 

"My father lived and died for his family, as well as his extended family. He never cheated anyone or hurt anyone. Anyone who knew him would say the same. He was an honorable man, and I will not let anyone disrespect his reputation or his memory."

Well, I have to admit all of this is just very sad. I am really disappointed that this family has let television come between in a way that is seemingly irreparable. But those are decisions they made and they will be forced to live with them. 

Moving on Teresa is continuing to speak out about strippergate and continuing to insist she not only had nothing to do with it, but until that day she had no idea Melissa Gorga was a stripper! And even though she'd heard rumors,  she had never, ever not once in her life called Melissa a stripper.

Apparently she's the only one that sees that version of events because all her co-workers seem to recall her labeling Melissa as a stripper for years. But really, who cares? They do. All too much. 

“I feel like I was set up. I never said Melissa was a stripper because I don’t know if she was," Teresa tells RumorFix.  "I wouldn’t say that she was even if she was. She’s been in my family for seven years now and that’s not something I wanted to put out there, because I do have four daughters."

As for why she is seen discussing the stripper rumors with Melissa in the bathroom during the Posche Fashion Show, Teresa claims she just wanted to let her sister-in-law know what was being said about her. In public

“I confronted her because I had to tell her what happened because this guy [Angelo Vrohidis] approached me in the salon,” Teresa insists.”After he came to the fashion show, Melissa said she knew him and he looked familiar to Kathy. Then I thought ‘Now I need to tell her what this guy said to me at the salon.’"

"If he didn’t come to the fashion show, I would have never told her or I would have told her the next day off-camera. Because he came up to her at the fashion show and Melissa said she knew him, I was like, ‘Oh my god this guy might be telling the truth, so let me tell her what he said.’ I was questioning it too.”


Teresa also believes she was the one framed at the fashion show – and she blames Jacqueline Laurita! “I felt like I was set up. If you really watch closely, Jacqueline is texting the whole time. Did you see Jacqueline’s face? She looked so contrived and calculated and kept texting with someone."

"You’ll see a lot of things revealed at the reunion show. Kim D says that she spoke to Jacqueline every day for an hour and a half on the phone. So to me that says a lot. Jacqueline definitely knew what was going on.” Jacqueline insists this isn't true… 

Teresa also says skewed editing leads viewers to believe she went back inside to party following the big blow-up with her family outside.  “I didn’t go back inside. That was the beginning. When I was saying ‘Hi’ to everyone, that was the beginning, but I guess they ended up putting that afterward.” 

Finally, here's a little funny related to RHONJ. I know – that doesn't happen too much anymore. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, guests Liam Neeson and Ethan Hawke do a hilarious spoof on Caroline Manzo and Teresa! The video is below. 

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