I can now say with certainty that Real Housewives of Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson's love tank is no longer being filled by Brooks Ayers.  What?  No more daily affirmations?  No more crawfish boils?  No more rented furs?  I wonder what happened there…I'm guessing that she got tired of spending all her money on him.  Vicki recently chatted about all things Season 8, grandson Troy, and bacon vodka.  What is the housewives' obsession with having their own liquor line?

Also in RHOC news, Tamra Barney is shopping for her wedding duds and bringing along the majority of her co-stars…whether she's friends with them or thinks they are fake air heads.  That's right.  Vicki, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, former cast member Lauri Waring Peterson, new housewife Lydia Stirling McLaughlin, and dun dun dun dun…Alexis Bellino (what?) all accompanied Tammy on her trek to find the perfect gown.  I'm sure that was fun!


Vicki spoke with All Things RH about watching her friendship with Tamra deteriorate on Season 7, as well as hinting about the fake fate of Tamra's friendship with Gretchen in the upcoming season.  Check out an excerpt from that interview below!

Congratulations on your beautiful grand baby, Troy. What is it like seeing Briana as a mother?
Seeing Briana as a mother is an unbelievable experience. She is definitely comfortable with this new role in her life and is an excellent mom.

Are you still in a relationship with Brooks?

Are you currently seeing anyone?

Do you think Tamra [Barney] and Gretchen [Rossi]’s friendship is genuine?
Well I hope so, but let’s just see what you think after this season unfolds.

Do you think you and Tamra will ever be able to be true friends again?
This season you will see a lot of changes happen there – can’t spill the beans yet on what happens. That wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

What was it like in Season 7 watching your friendship basically end?
Horrible. I hated it and didn’t know what to do to save it. I was very very hurt.

I know you can’t elaborate, but, I’m excited you decided to come back for another Season, you are truly the original Housewife. Will Season 8 have a completely different dynamic?
I think so…I really do. I know our viewers and fans have been so supportive of our franchise and I really appreciate the loyalty. We have a great new member to our group and I think everyone is going to really love her.

What would you say is the biggest misconception viewers have about you?
Wow, I think there was a lot of them. Most important that they felt I put my daughter’s feeling aside regarding her feelings about Brooks.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Actually I do. I am weeks away from my launching my very own Vodka line.  It’s called “Vicki’s Vodka” and I believe is going to become a household name. We’ve abbreviated it to “V.V” and will have orange, original, lemon and our newest flavor BACON!

Is there a housewife that doesn't have an alcoholic beverage in her product repertoire?  I'm betting that the wedding boutique workers couldn't have used a shot or twelve of Vicki's Vodka when trying to deal with Tamra and crew for an upcoming scene. 

Too Fab is reporting that all of the women were helping TamTam find the perfect dress for her third time down the aisle.  Alexis and Heather both arrived separately with the remaining ladies opting for a limo.  Heather joked on her way in about how excited she was to spend time with Alexis, while Tamra revealed her dress would be blush…something I doubt Tamra's ever done! 


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