RHOM’s Marysol Patton Discusses Her Business; Alexia Echevarria Facing Tax Lien While Her Son Avoids Jail Time For Assaulting A Homeless Man

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I hope that all of our RT readers had a wonderful, stress-free, family-filled Christmas that was devoid of drama…or at the very least, I hope you got some really delicious grub.  Of course, what would the holidays be without craziness and chaos?  I guess that's what the housewives are for, right?

The Real Housewives of Miami may see their whirlwind season coming to an end, but they certainly aren't going anywhere in the tabloid world.  First up, Marysol Patton is talking about all things season three.  Sadly, her friend Alexia Echevarria is not having a great holiday.  She's been faced with her youngest son's horrible car accident, and now she and her husband are being investigated by the IRS.  The only good news for Alexia is that her oldest son Peter will escaping jail time for assaulting a homeless man earlier in the year.  Wow and wow.  Merry Christmas to him!


Marysol recently spoke with Hollywood Life and dished on her friendships with cast mates, chatted about her cross-over Bravo friendships (she's a biffle of Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger), and shares her future business plans.

How are your current relationships with the ladies on the show?

Ana [Quincoces], Alexia, Adriana [de Moura] –I’m pretty close with them. I try to keep my distance from Lea [Black]. It’s uncomfortable.

Do you feel self-conscious in front of the cameras?

You know, in the beginning, I was very self conscious the first time around, very, very nervous. After a while, if you are around people you know well — it’s harder when you’re with people you don’t know well — but it gets easier as you get to know the girls and as time goes by and you clique, it’s more natural. I don’t notice them anymore, no, and a cocktail always helps!

Do people act differently when the cameras are around? 

Oh, God yes! I just am myself. You know, sometimes I see people amp it up a little bit when they see the cameras. I get the hee bee gee bees. That’s when I fade into the background. I watch in awe! I’m like, no, oh God!

Are you a fan of the other Housewives?

I love Atlanta! That’s one of my favorites! I’ve met NeNe [Leakes] several times. When she comes to Miami, we hang out. Ive met Melissa [Gorga] from New Jersey, we’ve gone out a few times with her husband Joe. I know LuAnn [de Lesseps], we’ve gone out. I’ve hung out in L.A. with Alexis Bellino and Vicki Gunvalson from O.C. I’m pretty chummy with Patti Stanger – I know she isn’t a housewife!

Does Patti give you relationship advice?

She always tells me to look up. She’s very psychic and she’s very intuitive as well. She has a gift. She’s very psychic. One day I sat on the phone for her for two hours straight and she started telling me all these things about me and what I needed to do. She started telling me I need to look up more and I realized I need to get my eyes off my Blackberry and my iPhone. The world is passing me by and all I’m looking at is messages, messages and messages. Who knows what handsome gentleman is walking by me? Maybe he looked at me and I didn’t even realize it because I was looking down. And I realized what she meant by “you need to look up more.”

You own a fashion PR firm — who are some of your favorite stylish celebrities?

I love how Charlize Theron dresses. Victoria Beckham. Penelope Cruz is pretty fabulous too. She always has a great red carpet moment. Victoria Beckham always looks great.

What’s next for you?

Right now, I’m focusing on my company and the coffee business. It’s a big undertaking. My mother doesn’t really work so I have to run both businesses. Right now, I want to conquer the PR world and the coffee world!

What’s your advice for women looking to have successful careers?

You know what? You just have to believe in whatever it is you’re doing. If you love it and believe in it, you’re going to be great at it. If you have passion for something, that passion is infectious to people around you. That’s how it is in PR. I won’t take on a client unless I think it’s fabulous and I think everyone else will think it’s fabulous! Or I will never be able to sell it to anybody. You have to be that way in whatever business you’re doing. Plus, you can’t say no. Because someone will say no and ten no’s later, you’ll get a yes. You have to just keep going and pushing and pushing. It’s all about hard work. Things just don’t fall out of the sky. I think people get discouraged quickly and give up. You can’t.

While Marysol is building her brand, Alexia is avoiding the government.  Apparently she and her well-connected hubby didn't pay all they should have to Uncle Sam when they filed their taxes in 2009…in fact, they were $90,078.44 short!  After rebuffing several chances to pay, the IRS placed a lien on their $1.2 million Miami mansion in May.  According to Gossip Extra, Alexia and Herman have still neglected to pay it.  I mean, isn't $90K like a trip to the spa for these people?   

Thankfully, Alexia did get some good news this holiday season.  Her older son Peter (you remember, the one who posted a video on Facebook of him offering a homeless man $5 only to punch the guy in his business and run off laughing…) won't face jail time for the felony battery.  Radar Online is reporting that the sometimes model reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor at the consent of the poor man he humiliated and assaulted.  This is just a guess, but do you think Alexia's uber-wealthy husband may have padded the victim's pockets?  Perhaps that's why they can't pay their outstanding taxes.  🙂  Instead, Peter has entered a pre-trial diversion program for first time offenders, and upon completion, the charges will be dropped and his record will be sealed.  What are the terms of this program?  Well, Peter has to write an apology letter to the man he attacked, pay $1000 to the victims' assistance fund as well as paying the investigative costs for his case, and complete 100 hours of community service by volunteering in a homeless shelter.  Let's all hope he's beyond humbled by that experience, although I'm not holding my breath.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]