Top 12 Worst Dressed Reality TV Stars Of 2012!

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Le sads… tonight is the last night of 2012. Aaaahhh… it's been a good year for drama but a bad year for the explosive combo of fashion and reality TV! Last week we did a list of our best dressed reality stars, so it's only fair to honor the good and the bad.

Below is our list of the number one reality television fashion offenders. Oh, the list is long, quite long but since there are only twelve months in the year we decided to do one per month. 

So behold, our top 12 offenders! 

Above, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice signs copies of Fabulicious: Fast & Fit wearing a neon colored mullet dress. Really, girl? Really? Did Melissa Gorga convince you to wear that on purpose cause it's hidey! 

The list isn't in any order, it's simply all the offenders we found note-worthy this year! Enjoy. 

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January – Teresa Giudice: From her love of sequined monokinis, to her off the shoulder slouch dresses plastered in disco disks, to cameltoe jumpsuits, and too tight cocktail dresses embedded with bling, to her ode to polyester, to her overkill hair and makeup; Teresa has been a veritable advertisement for What Not To Wear.

I mean I've seen her upclose and personal so I can vouch for the scary hair and makeup. Like her or not, Teresa is what the kind would call "fashionably challenged" and the unkind would call a "hot mess who can't dress!" 

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New folder

February – Snooki: Pregnancy can't keep a lover of too-tight made in China leopard print down, right? Snooki's image is all about putting the tack in tacky and she succeeds amazingly well! Favoring anything flammable, be-sequined, outrageous, and totally unflattering the Jersey Shore star might be small in stature but she's massive in the fashion flop department! Thank goodness she didn't have a daughter… 

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March – Kim Kardashian: Kimmie Kakes has had something of a fashion shift this year. Ever since getting together with Kanye West she's started experimenting with avante garde fashions and I wouldn't exactly call it successful in most cases! She's been see-thru, too tight, over-exposing, desperately seeking fashion cred, and trying to be something she's not.

Frankly the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star always looks uncomfortable and out of her element. Perhaps it's time for Kim to realize this new look just doesn't work. She shouldn't have let Kanye toss all her clothes! I can only imagine what her maternity style will look like… 


'Mob Wives' star Angela Big Ang Raiola

April – Big Ang: She's famous for her bigger is better style, but it's pretty much the stuff of horrors. FF boobs busting out of too tight shirts, mini dresses of epic proportions, animal print monstrosities (and a ton of fur), spandex galore – even booty shorts! Oh Ang…  The Big Ang star is sweet as can be but her fashion sense is rotten. 



May – Gretchen Rossi: Gretchen is one of those girls who can pretty much wear anything, which is why it's puzzling that she favors cheap, flammable clothes of the juvenile and obnoxious variety. Poor girl – she just always looks so clearance rack. I can practically smell the sweat shop labor on everything the Real Housewives of Orange County star wears. And really could it get anymore plasticine… Wait! Yes, it can. See: Handbags, Gretchen Christine. 

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June – Adrienne Maloof: It's Vegas, baby! Adrienne seems to personify the stripper turned casino owner Las Vegas style. And that's unfortunate.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's look is aging pageant girl, aka shiny, tacky, tight, and incredibly "inexpensive" looking (to quote Project Runway). Even worse, it's just plain not cute. On top of that it's very aging. And for a lady who spends so much on plastic surgery aging is the last thing she's after!

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July – Coco Austin: Coco is an entity all to herself. Even when she wears clothes they tend to be of the cameltoe persuasion. Or so low-cut and short I wonder why she bothers. And really, did the girl ever meet a sequin she didn't make love to? The Ice Loves Coco star definitely has carved a niche for herself by redefining the words "over exposed." So, kudos of the T & A, I guess… 

The above photo is one of Coco's better looks. 


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August – Mama June: I am DYING to remake the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch, but something tells me she won't let me get within 50 feet of a store that isn't Walmart (or worse – a dumpster!). In the meantime, can we just get her better socks. Forklift Foot still haunts me. I love Mama June, but really can we please at least do a hairstyle change?

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September – MJ Javid: Poor MJ. If only she just went up a size. Especially in the bust department. The Shahs of Sunset star is super pretty, but it's too much busting out and squeezing her within an inch of life. I always worry her clothes might just burst open! Hasn't she ever heard of a tailor?

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Laura Govan

October – Laura Govan: The Basketball Wives LA star has lost a ton of weight and gotten in amazing shape, but unfortunately she wants to show us every, single inch of that new physique. And sometimes less is definitely more. Definitely. 

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November – Phaedra Parks: If only her fashion sense was as charming as her personality! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star suffers from a syndrome known as "Go Up A Size." Everybody knows… only you know what size your pants are, so go ahead and buy the one that fits best. And also, donkey booties need to be able to breathe!

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Ramona Singer

NO! Credit: PNP/


And No!! Credit: Michael Carpenter/

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And NO! NO! NO! (and there's plenty more where that came from!) Credit: Andres Otero/

December – Ramona Singer: Pinot is living in the dark ages known as 1995. The Real Housewives of New York star needs a major fashion update. And someone really needs to purge her closet of all the short, shiny, too-tight, unflattering, satin cocktail dresses. Pinot's style gives me nightmares – and even worse she thinks she's fashionable! Um… don't drink and dress, maybe?

Courtney Stodden leaves little to the imagination as she walks the red carpet for the Muay Thai Championship Fights, celebrating the King of Thailand's 85th birthday, in Playa Vista

Leap Year Bonus – Courtney Stodden: Look honey, there's plenty of time to look like an over-the-hill stripper clinging on to your prime. Why bother at 18. Even worse, Courtney is 18 but looks 45. Yeah, The Couples Therapy star is just a disaster from head-to-toe, sadly. Courtney claims her stripper heels and indecent exposure is saving lives. Delusional, much?