Teen Mom 2 Recap: An Extra Hour Of Horrific Decisions!


What's better than one hour with Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer Sims Calvert, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry?  Why two hours, of course!  Monday's Teen Mom gave us a double dose, and here's the recap for the second hour.  I'm almost as exhausted from writing about it as these chicks have to be living it.  Gracious!

The second hour begins after Leah and Jeremy's courthouse nuptials.  The couple can finally qualify for a joint loan on their dream home.  Due to the added expenses, Leah wants to ask Corey for more child support…because he should totally help pay her mortgage.  I kid, I kid, he needs to be supporting his daughters to the best of his ability.  Leah's heard through the grapevine that Corey has gotten a raise, so she calls him to see if he's willing to modify their agreement without going through the courts.  When he asks for her reasons, she offers up that he needs to pay more for the twins' clothing.  He's willing to discuss it when they meet to trade off the girls.


Chelsea is still freaked out about Adam's letter, and it's causing her to miss beauty school.  She talks over her concerns with a friend, and she thinks his main goal is to hurt her, not see Aubree more often.  Chelsea reveals that if push comes to shove, she'd rather have more time with Aubree than more child support from Adam.  At least she's focusing on what is important.

Even though they are recently engaged, Gary and Jenelle are fighting more than ever.  He even kicked in her front door.  Their recent fight ensued because he wanted to spend more time with his betrothed, but her boobs hurt from her surgery so she wanted to sleep.  Gary stormed out, and Jenelle locked the door behind him…and he quickly tried to bust it down.  Regardless, Jenelle can't imagine a future with anyone else.  It's true love, y'all!

Kailyn and Javi are heading out to Las Vegas for a vacation.  Originally they had thought about getting hitched while they were there, but since he hasn't been able to take his Air Force entrance exam, Kailyn wants to wait…or does she?  She goes to get a manicure and spills the details of her life to her friend at the salon.  Kailyn's friend thinks she is totally rushing things, and Kailyn doesn't want to hear any common sense.  Kailyn decides to ask the voice of reason, so she chats with her toddler.  Does Isaac want mommy to marry Javi?  Yes!  Does Isaac want mommy to give him more cookies?  Also yes!  Isaac clearly gives the best advice.

Being proactive, Chelsea meets with an attorney to counteract anything that Adam could possibly do.  Basically, she learns that Adam's letter is rubbish and was merely a scare tactic.  Chelsea shares the news with her dad, and they both agree that Chelsea shouldn't initiate any legal proceedings.  She plans on documenting everything with Adam based on her conversation with her lawyer.  I am digging this more confident Chelsea!

Corey and Leah are meeting to exchange the twins, and she wants to come to an agreement on child support so they don't have to go to court.  Corey wonders why Leah can't just inform him when there are extra costs, and he's more than willing to contribute.  He's willing to pay anything for his daughters, but he is hurt that Leah seems to make him out to be a deadbeat.  Corey wants Leah to give him a set number so he'll know whether he can afford it, but she wants him to think long and hard about what he's willing to give.  These negotiations go much easier if someone threw out a dollar amount. 


Arriving in Vegas, Kailyn and Javi meet up with Kailyn's friend Toni.  Toni's husband is in the Air Force.  What a coincidence!  The couple shares their financial struggles, and Toni wonders if Kailyn has shared any of her plans with Jo.  I doubt that anyone would be surprised to discover that she hasn't…and she isn't planning to either–it's not Jo's business!  The crew tosses around the idea of a Vegas wedding, and Kailyn wants to go check out the chapel where Britney Spears got hitched.  No one reminds her that Britney's marriage didn't even last a day.

After their fight, Gary makes peace with Jenelle by bringing her a precious puppy.  I feel so sorry for this pooch.  The girl can't be responsible for herself, why throw an innocent dog into the mix?  Of course, just hours later, a fight between the two gets physical and both Jenelle and Gary end up in jail.  Barbara bails her tearful daughter out of the clink, and the two head back to Jenelle's house to pack up all of Gary's stuff.  Jenelle reenacts Gary's blanket abuse for her mom, and she accepts a phone call from a friend.  Gary told the cops where Jenelle's marijuana and pipe were hidden, as well as her prescription painkillers…for which, I'm guessing, she doesn't have a prescription.  Barbara silently organizes Gary's stuff while Jenelle gives a dramatic play-by-play to her friend. 

Chelsea oversleeps so she's missing yet another day of school.  While she's talking with a friend, Adam sends her a text requesting weekend time with Aubree.  She obliges, drama-free.  If Adam wants to be a father figure in Aubree's life, Chelsea isn't going to stop him.

Corey and Leah decide that an extra hundred dollars a month will be a good compromise.  His dad is shocked that Leah was in agreement, and Corey doesn't quite believe it either.  Perhaps they should memorialize their new agreement in a signed document.  Yes, Corey…go with that plan!

Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac are sightseeing in Vegas, and by sightseeing, I mean looking for places to get married.  The couple meets with the minister from the Little White Wedding Chapel, and Kailyn wants to know where Britney was standing when she had her first wedding.  THIS is what is important, y'all!  The group talks costs, and Kailyn thinks that she and Javi need to mull over their options. 

Scared of Gary, Jenelle decides to stay with her mom.  She calls her attorney Dustin Sullivan.  I bet the poor guy thought his time with Jenelle were numbered.  He advises her not to press charges without him present given the fact that she's been charged with the same crimes as Gary.  Jenelle shows Barbara all of Gary's passive aggressive Twitter messages, and Barbara hopes her daughter will be alright as she heads to work.

Corey wants a signed agreement to document the increase in child support, and Leah asks her attorney to draft a new agreement.  Her lawyer thinks that Corey needs to be paying a lot more, so now she's not willing to honor their verbal agreement.  She wants to mediate the issue to make sure that Corey is paying his fair share.  Jeremy and Leah are in awe of Ali's improvements since birth, so that's a positive, right?


Adam takes Aubree for the night, and while Chelsea hates the idea of her daughter being around his girlfriend, she doesn't want to give him any reason to start a custody battle.  Aubree throws a tantrum with Adam and his girlfriend, and I'm kind of proud of the little girl.  Adam decides to take her back to his parents.  Aubree wants nothing to do with Adam or his new lady friend, and she screams for Chelsea's dad.  Adam hightails Aubree back to Chelsea's house, and Aubree is excited to be with her mom.  He wants to know if Chelsea has considered signing his letter.  She plays very aloof.  Chelsea's dad wishes that she'd told Adam she'd thrown the letter away.

Javi wants to know Kailyn's stance on a Vegas wedding.  He thinks that they should wait and have their dream wedding.  Kailyn demands a ring before she will even entertain the idea of a wedding.  Ahh, romance at it's finest.  With marriage off the table for the remainder of their vacation, they are able to enjoy their final days in Las Vegas.

On her way to the mediation, Leah is nervous because she hasn't given Corey any indication that she's changed her mind.  Corey is fine with the new three hundred dollar increase as well as half of the girls' extra expenses, but he's livid that Leah didn't give him any indication that she wasn't going to honor their verbal agreement.  She is a manipulative one, isn't she?  Sharing the news with his dad, he's reminded that "it's just money."  I don't think Corey is as upset about the added money as he is knowing that Leah totally didn't come to him personally with the changes.


The Queen of Excellent Decisions, aka Jenelle, decides to call Kieffer to score some drugs.  Just kidding, she just wants someone to listen to her problems.  She invites him over to Barbara's house to be her shoulder to cry on.  He's such a good guy!  Geez, I wish I could bottle some self esteem and sell it to the girls of Teen Mom…for a thousand dollars a bottle of course.  They'd pay that much, and, let's be honest, they can afford it!  Kieffer hopes Jenelle finds someone better than Gary…or himself for that matter.  I finally agree with him about something!

Next week, Corey and Leah argue over the new child support agreement, and Javi passes his Air Force entrance exam.  Chelsea wants to take a break from school, and Kieffer goes after Gary.  Big times!


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