Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: Sex, Lies, And Sucker Punches


I'll be honest, I didn't think there was any need for another hour of reunion footage for Love & Hip Hop after watching the first half last week.  However, Mona Scott-Young proved me wrong (it's not the first time either!).  Consequence and Professor Joe Budden reveal a hidden feud that causes Cons to totally sucker punch Joe.  It's ridiculousness at it's finest.  Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena continue to show the world just how dysfunctional their relationship is/was, and Yandy Smith opens up about Mendeecees Harris' arrest. 

The evening begins with Mona introducing the cast, and Joe, Tahiry Jose, Yandy, Erica, and Rich are joining her on stage.  Mona shows a clip of the ladies' dressed in their bootilicious finest, and it's T&A all over the place.  Rich and Joe take a fan video question which wonders if the naked pictures of them on the Internet are, um, accurate.  Joe claims his phone was stolen at a strip club, and, while it's his body, the pic was photoshopped.  Rich says that his photo is true to form from the waist up, but someone downplayed his man bits.  A bitter Erica disagrees…she snips that it's a true depiction of Rich's business. 

Mona highlights Jen Bayer and Consequence's struggle with religion.  Jen still wants her one day of tradition, but Cons isn't willing to compromise.  Rashidah Ali, who is also Muslim, feels for the couple's situation.  Mona questions Jen about her comments to Raqi Thunda about being white, and before she can explain, Raqi starts mouthing off to Cons.  Rashidah tells Raqi that she's a disgrace to Islam, and the two women go at it.  Rashidah takes off her shoes, and the scrapping begins.  Joe is filming it all on his camera.  Once they are separated and scolded by Mona, Raqi exits to compose herself.



Cons is in the hot seat for the rap he pitched to L'orel which featured the lyric "light skin is the right skin."  Both L'orel and Yandy express their feelings on the line, and Cons believes that it was taken out of context.  Both Cons and L'orel agree to disagree, and I have to say that L'orel is precious and she handles herself so well compared to the others on this crazy show.  She shares that she wouldn't want any of her younger fans to think she was touting one skin color as more beautiful than another. 

Next up are Rich, Erica, and Tiffany, and what Mona describes as their "sexpionage."  You can't make this up, Mona jokes, but I'm betting she could.  We are treated to highlight reel of Rich's naughty bi-spying.  Tiffany gives her version of the events which has Erica hitting on Tiffany.  Erica admits to getting Tiffany to perform a sex act on her the first night they met, and Erica is screaming that Rich and Tiffany betrayed her.  Rich is confused…Erica hooked up with Rich before the spying started, so he wonders why she won't take any responsibility for her actions.  I mean, Rich has done so much for Erica–he verified her on Twitter for goodness sake!  Rich's poor mom is just shaking her head at Erica's language, and Tiffany gets mad when Rich doesn't want to elaborate on the state of their relationship except to say, "She's my people."  Not exactly the declaration of love Tiff was hoping for I gather…


We relive Yandy and Mendeecees' relationship this season from house-hunting to getting engaged to his arrest.  I get misty-eyed again watching Mendeecees say his good-byes to his sons.  Thanks a lot, VH1!  Yandy gets teary walking down memory lane with Mona, and she swears that she was clueless that Mendeecees was planning to propose.  Apparently, Mendeecees hadn't been cleared of the charges when the reunion was filmed, and Mona asks Yandy how she will cope if the worst happens.  Yandy refuses to even address the question, saying she only wants to focus on the most positive outcome possible.

Okay, Mona has Joe and Cons on separate sofas, and both men are flanked by security.  I'm so confused.  I knew this fight was coming, but I was clueless as to the beef between them.  Mona shares that the men got into an argument at a radio station, and she shows the footage…although it wasn't taken with VH1 cameras.  Their little tiff seems innocent enough, but Mona reveals that their feud continued to escalate.  Earlier in the reunion filming, Cons totally sucker punches Joe in the back of the head while he's roaming around backstage. 

The crowd is booing Consequence, and he yells that he does not tolerate disrespect on any level.  On.  Any.  Level.  People!  Cons looks like he plans to take out the entire audience.  Explaining the story behind their tension, he reveals that Joe interrupted his radio interview which was extremely disrespectful.  Joe admits that he had heard that Cons was talking badly about him on the radio, and he turns on his soothing mind meld voice.  Cons feels like he was threatened by Joe, and Joe offers to fight him one-on-one instead of settling for getting sucker punched by him.  Cons congratulates Tahiry for getting a good smack on him backstage, and then he takes off after Joe.  He's so tiny that one of the smaller security guys literally picks him up and carries him back across the set while Mona yells at him to respect her stage.  Good luck with that, Mona. 


As the reunion draws to a close, Mona asks for some final thoughts.  Erica promises more crazines…and asks fans to buy her book.  Heaven help us.  Yandy touts her blog and her magazine and her new client L'orelRaqi is going on a deejay tour, and Olivia is about to release her album.  Jen plans to restart her blog, and Rashidah reveals that she's engaged.  Tahiry wants to pursue acting…wait, aren't they all acting on this show?


[Photo Credit: VH1]